Late Night Thoughts: My Mom Survived Knee Surgery, Thank The Heavens!

in spiderblogger •  9 months ago


Now Only If I Can Survive Until This Bull Market!

Never Realized How Much I I loved My Mama

Have you ever took something for granted, but when that something was put in danger or being taken away, you regret every time you didn't rake the leafs after she asked you 1 million times to do so? Of course you have, because what mid 20 millennial who still lives with his parents isn't an asshole lol

Well asshole might be a bit harsh, but I was truly scared for my mama this morning when the doctor took her away!

The sad part was that she assumed I wasn't going to visit her before and after work! I must be a complete ass for my mom to think I wouldn't be there lmao I really have to step my game up because this is actually shameful!

On A Lighter Note

@overkillcoin nominated me for a pretty cool challenge, which I plan to take head on tomorrow during my lunch hour because I have to wake up early to visit my mama before work!

Super happy that the price of Steem is safely over $2 again! Even though I am receiving just about the same in SP, the boost in SBD is always nice!

Well that's basically all that was on my mind. Oh actually, I need to start working out again because I'm getting fat, but other than that everything is peachy lol Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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Every boy worries about his momma, so your not alone. I am glad she made it out all right!



Thanks bro, I really appreciate it!

The sad part was that she assumed I wasn't going to visit her before and after work!

Oh mama, lol. Good to hear she is doing well!


Thanks Lydon! Very happy she made it through today!

thank god she's okay! sometimes it takes a scary situation to bring us back to our senses :)