Late Night Thoughts: I Love My Alt Coins!

in spiderblogger •  9 months ago


Well technically I love my private keys, but who really loves technicals!

They're few things in this life I love. Well no, that's actually a lie, but I thought it would set the mood. I happen to love a lot of things, like strawberry-banana smoothies and Yara Shahidi from Grown-ish! I honestly can't decide somedays on whether I love Zendaya more than spider-man, but let's not open that can of worms.

No because I'm dedicating this late night rant to something more dear to my heart than my automatic tooth brush. I think it's safe to say that I sure do love my alt coins!

Alternative Coins Baby

It took me about five years to really learn the importance of the HODL! I remember the days where my loyalty lied with the fiat number in my portfolio instead of how many coins I've accumulated. It made for falling victim to bear traps and FOMO all too common. This normally left me watching the price of all of my favorite projects explode, while I was stuck on the sideline regretting the day I decided to let greed and fear destroy my nest egg.

Well it's 2018 and I am far from the person I used to be. Well actually I finally mastered the HODL last bull-run, but 4 months in the crypto space is like 4 years, so good job Spidey!

During our current bear period, I've accumulated as many coins of my favorite projects that I could afford, which never left a good feeling in my stomach. However, I elated to see the seeds of my money trees bear fruit! I finally know what it feels like to spend countless hours researching, taking risks, and enduring pay off and I am addicted!

I'm sure the price is most likely going to drop soon, but I'm a long term holder and don't really care as much about the day to day, Why is that you ask? Well I finally have a bag of crypto that will make me financial stable, so Hanukah Matata!

Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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