A Question For Everyone Abusing Bid Bots.....

in spiderblogger •  9 months ago


Why not take a little bit more time with your "life's work", or at least but some Febreze, so you garbage won't stick up the whole community?

Saving The Blockchain, One Rant At A Time!

When I joined Steemit in May of last year, everything in this community felt like it had some sort of substance. Now a days, so many of us are hiding smoke and mirrors though this pay to play culture that we have all fell victim to.

I remember when I first joined, committing all of those countless hours creating content for $0.40 a post. I actually miss those days because even though I made very little, the time spent always felt worth it because each reader added some sort of value, even if they didn't upvote.

I know it sounds crazy, but people actually used to stop by and read my posts and even upvote me with out me having to pay a service!

It's sort of crazy how much can change in a year. I remember when your reputation score on this platform actually meant something! I would lose sleep at night, dreaming of the day when I would finally achieved that reputation score or 60, or become a dolphin! Now you can buy your way up to rep 60 with just a few hundred words and a few hundred dollars.

The trending page is currently disgusting, but it's sort of nice seeing the different spammers on the trending page compared to the same whales and dolphins everyday. There are actually a few interesting posts, but I don't understand why people have to go to the extreme when buying votes for them.

Why can't we all just invest enough to get on the hot page for a few hours and let the community decide what to send to trending. I mean, none of these posts on the trending page deserves over a $100, but quite a few deserve some recognition.

If you all really want to drop $100 promoting a post, why don't you actually put a week into creating something inspiring, funny, or educational so we don't have to question why we support this community everyday that we log on?

Or hell, may just split up that hundred dollars into 5 increments and only slightly promote your randomly assembled words? At least that way you won't likely get flagged and fewer people will have to see your "life's work"!

If you know what you're promoting is garbage and I know what your promoting is garbage, then maybe be more low key about how you are abusing the system. Or don't, I don't care. It's probably better if you put your garbage in the spotlight because then it will most likely get down-voted eventually.

Normally I save my rants for the night time, but I got off of work a little early so there ya go. Until next time, this has been a message from your slightly pissed off, friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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