Meet my Cat Faced Spider

in spider •  last month 

Araneus gemmoides

Finally got an id for her. She is out mid day today now that the shade has hit her web. She is eating well and has more and more carcasses littering the window sill every day.

In looking at the pictures of others online I see very few with the same red or orange bands on the legs. I am pretty stoked with the shots I am getting with my phone. I am going to get my Nikon setup to try and do some focus stacks and get some serious depth to her images.

Spiders are freaking awesome. It always amazes me the deathly fright so many have with them. Big burly men will run screaming like a baby, people faint, cry, freak out, and generally engage the flight mechanism. Spiders are not like a rattle snake that can strike from its body length, they are not fast, they are not out looking to bite a human.

Leave them be and they will not feel in danger and need to protect themselves, just like everyone.

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