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Marvel, in conjunction with Hasbro, releases a new range of comic character collectables for the children’s market. Mighty Muggs have large heads and small bodies, depicting various well-known superhero characters. The range includes Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and this one – Spider-Man. They incorporate three different expressions (or at least the eyes change) when you push down the head...

I like Spider-Man; along with DC’s Batman, he’s my favourite costumed vigilante. But what the…?! The figure comes displayed in a hard plastic casing with a large hole in the top, surrounded by four big red arrows (just in case you somehow miss the fact). When you reach through and push down the head, the eyes inside revolve. We have the normal wide white eyes, the narrowed (I mean business) eyes, and one large white eye with one small one! Go figure. The obvious questions are: Who would want this? And why?

The quality is good, but this is a pointless variation on the unfathomably fashionable Bobbleheads. I can’t imagine too many kids wanting these, because they’re not exactly a toy, and they’re far from being a serious collectable. Small children will want action figures they can play with (I recently purchased a nice set of transposable figures depicting the main members of the Justice League as a child’s present), and older fans will seek more finely-detailed sculptures from the high end of the market (something they can admire on a shelf or in a display cabinet). Unfortunately, this creation falls down a crevice somewhere between the two. Find something better. There is plenty out there.



Marvel Mighty Muggs: Spider-Man

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Ages: 6+
5 010993 469222
Item Number: 73451
Available now

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kinda feel the same way. not crazy about these. I'm carrying them in my shop but they are kinda just a bit over the cutsey deformed mini figures.