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Modern technologies are increasingly penetrating our lives, changing and improving it. Imagine the planet Earth of your dreams. What is it like? Perhaps you want to visit historical places that have already been wiped off the face of the earth? Perhaps your dream is to have a piece of land in Paris at the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps you are an ultramodern artist, but to create a masterpiece you are hampered by the laws of physics and mathematics? Or are you a creative advertising agent, but the boss does not allow you to go beyond the ordinary? Or are you a businessman, but the lion's share of your budget eats advertising? The solution of data and other situations exists! The technology of extra reality goes to meet people and makes the impossible possible.
Spheroid Universe offers a universal platform of augmented reality, which will be of interest to business, investors, artists, creative advertising creators, ordinary users. Using a smartphone, glasses or a helmet of augmented reality, we will see another world on top of what already exists. What previously could only be imagined is now being realized, and the world will see new, previously unreleased masterpieces. Everyone can create their own world, fill it with content that is interesting to him, invite friends, meet new people. Your world will be visible to your friends, and you will see the world of your friends. There can be infinitely many layers of augmented reality, there will be enough space for everyone.

Spheroid Universe has learned to combine real material objects with the augmented realities of the planet Earth. The developers of Spheroid Universe were able to solve problems with the exact geographical definition of objects: the platform reads data from user's cameras, identifies and determines the features of the territory (determines water, land, buildings, plants, etc.). The platform using a neural network creates a three-dimensional map that considers the surrounding space and the map of the Earth, which makes it possible to determine the exact position of the model.
The whole Earth is divided into sectors, which are called Space. Space can be sold, donated, rented. The price of Space will depend on the popularity of this site, the audience will be analyzed, the effectiveness of advertising, etc. The owner of Space can determine the cost of rent for advertisers, select the content that is acceptable on its site, put everything on automatic mode, if necessary. Landowners will maintain their site in an up-to-date state, considering those changes that occur on a real plot of land. The rights to Space are protected in accordance with EU legislation.


I want to dwell on the advantages that the company gives to different categories of people:

  • To investors - augmented reality is considered one of the most promising areas in the IT industry. The land of augmented reality is as profitable and attractive for investments as investing in a real piece of land, somewhere in the capital of Great Britain, Germany, the USA, etc.
  • Landowners - Space gives a high potential for earnings, for example, by placing advertising on it or simply by selling or renting Space.
  • Business - you can creatively and brightly present information about your business in popular previously inaccessible places.
  • To artists- the boundaries of your imagination are blurred, self-actualize, express yourself and receive a worthy reward for your work. Artists of the "Renaissance" era can only envy those opportunities that opens augmented reality.
  • To advertising agents - flight of your imagination is not limited, represent advertising of your client in the most favorable way. You can use the platform tools or create your own. More you do not need to coordinate administrative matters, which take a lot of time and effort.
  • Developers - labor should be adequately rewarded, especially one that is aimed at improving the work of the platform and the development of the ecosystem. Intellectual property should belong to its developer, and not fade in the glory of the IT company.
  • To all people on Earth is a social platform that is aimed at improving people's quality of life. Communicate with your friends according to the rules that you dictate, not the social network. Have fun, play, train, expand the range of your interests. Add those layers of augmented reality that are interesting to you and create new ones. The more active you are, the more Space you can earn.
    You say that such giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple already offer similar. I agree with you, but there is not one giant that offers the Spheroid Universe. The platform offers decentralization, which became possible due to the development of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Now, developers can contribute to the development of the platform, create applications and services and at the same time earn, the developer earns, not the IT company. Unlike corporate IT projects, accounts in Spheroid Universe belong to its users, which gives another advantage in favor of the platform. The company offers to monetize content, creative solutions, the development of useful products, now the corporation giants will pay for the opportunity to take advantage of the ecosystem. When the ecosystem acquires a critical mass, the demand for Spheroid tokens (SPH) will increase dramatically. Tokens are sold according to the ERC-20 standard and the price for 10SPH is equal to or greater than 1USD, the floating rate. Total will be released 10 trillion SPH.
    All users of the platform can influence its development:
  • users vote for those projects and opportunities that need to be financed.
  • can put forward their ideas for the development of the platform, for which the other members of the ecosystem vote
  • You can choose the teams that will implement the ideas
  • for successful ideas and solutions, the user will receive a reward

Conclusion: The capabilities and plans of Spheroid Universe are impressive, now the company has done much to create the platform ecosystem and implement the plan. Spheroid Universe offers an ultramodern platform, using the breakthrough achievements of mankind: blockchain technology and augmented reality. Each member of the ecosystem is interested in the development of the platform and can influence its development. The decentralization of Spheroid Universe gives it a significant advantage over its competitors. The platform is of great interest for investors, business, advertising, creative people, developers, for every person on earth. Using the platform, you can find for yourself what you like: develop, have fun, play, earn, sell, realize your most ambitious and grandiose projects. The Earth in Spheroid Universe is divided into Space sectors, each Space belongs to its owner and is protected in accordance with EU legislation. Create your world and dictate your rules - these are not loud words, but the reality that has already come. I recommend that you take a closer look at the project and study it carefully.

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Spheroid Universe offers a universal platform of augmented reality, which will be of interest to business, investors, artists, creators, ordinary users. Using a smartphone, glasses or a helmet of augmented reality, we will see another world on top of what already exists.we can share our idea to our friends as well we know their ideas .nice blog related to the things impossible to possible.

So, I imagine everything in holograms, it's cool, like in a movie.

I like it too

Why give your intellectual work to IT companies when you can earn money yourself?!

Decentralization of the platform is its main advantage.

Good app

A very promising direction augmented reality, a platform that will be able to provide the best product will be very popular.

I want to create my own world!)))

Everything is in your hands.

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