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The main purpose of this ICO is to become largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world. Team has developed mobile applications for transactions of SAT tokens which has a potential to be adopted by mass and in th near future it will gonna be mass adopted.
Sphere was built on the idea of privacy, company transparency, and data security. Also Sphere aims to change and redefine how social media interacts within our lives. SInce social media plays a very important role in our lives these day so this ICO is worth getting into. Users typically access social media services via web-based technologies on desktop, computers, and laptops, or download services that offer social media functionality to their mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablet computers).

Why you should invest in SAT tokens?
Since SAT is a digital currency designed to be used within Sphere – a new, private, and secure social media platform that offers an integrated, decentralized market, complete with its own advertising platform. It is an in-system tokens to be used by consumers throughout the system in order to facilitate transactions within the social network. SAT tokens are crafted in such a way that the entire process is secure yet transparent. This process leads to a greater sense of trust within the system.

ICO details:
A total of 65% of available tokens will be made accessible to buyers through the ICO. They’ve reserved 1% of all tokens for their team and advisory staff. Another 17% will be reserved for the social network. 9% will be reserved for the company.
AT Initial Coin Offering, 20 SAT = 1 USD.

Advantages of SAT token:

  1. Strategic plan that puts their users and token holders first.
    2)Segregated cloud server environment that is safeguarded using cutting edge security systems.
    3)They offer a superior user experience and superior customer support for the users in our ecosystem.
    4)Their team designs the system for scalability.
  2. They offer anonymous transactions globally. Because they do not transact with banking institutions, they do not require ID verification. Everything is done using digital currency. Also they have an experienced and capable team that can manage complex technologies and business challenges.

Also they are running bounties to create awareness. You can see the details at https://sphere.social/bounty/

What we can do with SAT tokens:

  1. We can use it for social transactions throughout the system.
    2)These are ERC20 compliant.
  2. These tokens are tradable on several exchanges.

Website: https://sphere.social/
Presale: https://sphere.social/log-in/?re=presale
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SphereSocialNetwork