Six Spectrum Issues and their Solutions

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The 6 major Spectrum Issues and their Solutions

Unfortunately, Spectrum issues usually arise at the most unfavorable times affecting your digital cable TV, home phone or the Internet experience.

Here, in this article, we will look upon some of the major Spectrum problems and will walk through the solutions on how to settle them down without wasting much of your precious time over the phone or in waiting for a company agent to come and repair it when you are at work.

This will also help you fix the issues related to Time Warner Cable. However, even if you are using Time Warner Cable, you can call yourself a Spectrum customer without switching anything as right now they both are the same company.

In case your cable TV stops functioning, or you are not able to connect your mobile devices such as your game console or iPad to the Internet, then here is what you are required to do.

Many a time you can easily fix up the frequently occurring Spectrum issues on your own. Whether it is about resolving an issue of Internet outage or fixing a broken DVR, it only requires some small and technical actions. This will, in turn, save your time of calling for assistance until and unless you really need it.

Here, you can take a look on how you can clear out many of the Spectrum issues on your own without any expert assistance and also on how to obtain a quick support in case you are not able to fix it on your own.

In case you come across any Spectrum issues then you should call on the toll-free helpline number of Spectrum customer service. You may also call for support in case you are a former Time Warner Cable Customer.

Make a note that all of these Time Warner Customer issues and their resolutions are the same as Spectrum issues and their resolutions which you may face, as the only thing which has changed is the name of the company.

Spectrum Cable Issues and Fixes

In case of a Spectrum service outage, you just cannot fix it usually on your own. Since, sometimes Spectrum and Time Warner Cable goes down when there is an electrical problem, a bad weather or any other major issue.

You may use any outage detecting tool such as Down Detector to find out if other users in your area are also facing such Spectrum issues, or you can call in for a help from Spectrum customer care.
Whenever you call Spectrum support, an automated phone answering machine will usually inform you right away if there is a service outage issue in your area.

Typically, I try these troubleshooting methods to fix up Spectrum and Time Warner Cable issues before calling for a support as many of these issues are quite easy to fix on your own in even less than 5 minutes.

Spectrum Cable Internet Issues

Whenever your Spectrum Internet is down, you are not able to connect your tablets or computers to the Internet. Now, if you will look at the front of a Spectrum modem, then you will find that some of the LED lights are not lit.

While, if the things are working properly then you will typically notice that there is a light for power indicator, a solid LED light for the online status and blinking or solid lights for Receive and Send or Downstream or Upstream depending on your model.

If these lights appear different from the usual, then this shows that there is something erroneous. This problem might be in your home or it could be due to a service outage.

In order to fix up the Spectrum problems, the first step is to reset your modem. For doing this, you need to first unplug your modem from the electrical power outlet for at least 1 minute.

After that, plug in it back and you will see that it will connect many times without performing any other actions. Also, you need to make sure that your cable wires are properly connected and are in good condition.

You are also required to look upon your router which is normally kept near the modem and has one or two antennae on it. Just make sure that it is not displaying an orange light for the Internet which is shown by one of the front lights.

Generally, orange color light is bad and green color is good. In case it is orange which indicates that there is no Internet connection, then you should restart it by keeping it unplugged for at least a minute.

In case you wish to connect your cell phone when Spectrum service is down, then you may switch off the WiFi of your phone or unplug the router till the Spectrum fixes the issue.

When you are not able to fix up your Spectrum Internet problems just by unplugging your device, then you may require to schedule a service appointment of an expert technician who may assist you in getting rid of the particular problem either by visiting your house or via remote assistance.

However, you should start contacting Spectrum support through online means such as email, live chat or Twitter instead of directly calling them, with the help of contact details mentioned at the bottom of this article.

Spectrum Phone is not Working

The users using Spectrum home page may sometimes come across the annoying moments when the homepage does not work or stops functioning properly. Many a time this happens due to the reason that it is connected to the Internet service which is being down. But, sometimes it may happen all by itself.

When this happens then you are required to first unplug your phone from the electrical power outlet for at least one minute and then plug it back in again and repeat the same procedure with your modem.

In case this does not resolve the issue, then you definitely need someone to come in and check out the further problems. So, just give a call to the Spectrum customer care and ask for an instant assistance over the phone or online.

Spectrum TV Issues

Spectrum TV issues are just same as the Spectrum Internet problems, but you can face some sound issues and a poor picture quality.

If you are not able to watch any TV programs, then there might be some fair chances of an outage of some kind. Still, you may check your connections, but if odds are good then you will be required to wait for the Spectrum itself to fix it up.

When you see a bad picture quality on your Spectrum TV then you must check your connections first. Avoid using the right angle cable adapters and also do not use multiple splitters, as they may also cause problems.

So, by removing extra adapters and splitters, you may immediately experience a better visibility and more reliable service of Spectrum TV.

Slow Spectrum Internet

We have all experienced a slow Spectrum Internet connection now and then. One who is using Time Warner service may run into this problem frequently or even daily.

And, if you ask the Spectrum customer service representatives for help in this situation, they will consider it to be slow only in case you have plugged your device directly into the modem and that is not how a majority of people use the Internet.
So, it is a nice excuse for them to put it as your hard luck and convince you to buy any new package.

Here is what you should do in order to figure out the reason of your Spectrum Internet being slow.

First, you need to restart your router. Doing this can fix up many slowdowns. Then, check whether the problem is with all of your devices or it is only with the one you are using. You may also restart that device.

One more thing you need to check is your location in your home. The farther your router is placed from you, the slower Internet speeds you will experience. Especially this is true if there are multiple floors and walls between you and your router.

In case you still have a slow Internet connection, then you may narrow it down to be the issue from the side of Spectrum itself. You can check the speed of your Internet with It must be near about what you pay for.

Moreover, you must find out whether it is slow all the time or only for a particular time in a day. For instance, a customer experienced that his Internet was unusable for months at night and even after five trips out, nobody in his house was able to figure out why.

Finally, they found out that the cable connected to Spectrum from the house was worn out and the interference at night broke the Internet.

So, even the Time Warner phone support service was not able to help as the Internet worked well in the days when their technicians used to come to diagnose the issue. Moreover, they charged him for multiple technician visits.

Thus, if you come across a similar problem then you will be required to ask for a support and if the Spectrum expert does not suggest it, then just demand a new line. Many a time they will impose the charge of installation of the line to the outside of your home.

One more possibility might be that you are paying for a slower Internet plan. In this situation, you must ask for different types of deals or Internet plans that you can get. We suggest you not to pay the sticker price for the Spectrum Internet plans.

Spectrum DVR Issues

Spectrum DVR issues constitute a part of some of the occasional complaints of the subscribers. These problems may include DVR skipping recordings, freezing, and other issues which prevent you from watching your favorite TV shows.

Two main troubleshooting steps to resolve these Spectrum DVR issues are deleting extra and old videos and power cycling. The first thing that you need to do is unplug your DVR for at least 1 minute. This may fix up many issues.

Many other issues arise due to poor software on DVR which freaks out when its memory gets full by more than 50%. So, just try deleting your old videos and check if that fixes the issues.

In case your DVR is very old then call the Spectrum customer service and ask for a newer model of DVR, however, this may actually not settle down the issue.

Spectrum Digital Adapter Issues

You are always required to purchase a Digital Adapter for a TV set which does not have one. Along with a DVR and full-size cable box connected to it, these Spectrum Digital Adapters are small and buggy.

In case your Spectrum Digital Adapter stops functioning, then you will require to unplug it for at least one minute and plug it back in. This shall fix the issue for at least 25 hours. After that, you will be required to reboot it again.

This will fix up the audio outputs and the video outputs, which may frequently break due to these little fragile boxes. Unluckily, there is no solution to make the Spectrum Digital Adapter remote function properly and make it control everything that it should.

Also, we do not have any reliable universal remote control which can work with these boxes.

You can obtain a better offer with another actual cable box instead of using this $3 to $5 per month cable box which only provides some limited channels and also breaks out frequently. If everything else fails, then you can switch to DirecTV.

How to Get Quick Spectrum Support

If you are not able to fix any of your Spectrum related issues on your own then you must get in touch with the Spectrum customer service team via email, phone call or Twitter. Their team of skilled and certified professionals is quite helpful and cooperative with the customers.

You may send them a message anytime and obtain immediate replies without waiting on the phone. You can also send them your query message at Ask Spectrum anytime you want.

The experts' team of this support service is thoroughly empowered to fix up all the Spectrum related problems and is 24x7 available for help. You may directly reach out to Spectrum customer representatives by simply dialing their toll-free Spectrum customer support phone number.

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