Post on and get a free upvote!

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Post on and get a free upvote!

The post must be made on chainbb! (yes, I can tell)

I will also be giving out 1-2, 100% upvotes each day to posts in this category!


What can I post?

  1. Whatever the hell you want.

How often can I post?

  1. As often as you want. (just don't expect a vote on every post)

What can I expect after posting?

  1. A vote. Size, reward amount, etc. is not guaranteed.
  2. Votes will not be immediate and will be reviewed.

@berniesanders, why are you doing this?

  1. To show everyone there is value to content that doesn't take 90 minutes to write.
  2. Promote chainbb and the great work @jesta has been doing to build a Steemit alternative.
  3. Giving out free votes is fun.

(Please note: as with all posts on chainbb, 15% of post rewards are shared between chainbb and the forum owner)

@speakyourmind is a @berniesanders project.


Looking forward to seeing what people have to say and how this initiative goes! I appreciate the support :D

I just can say, that I made my first post on chainbb and I love it.. very nice user interface and easy to use..

Looking forward to a steemit alternative like this

All the best @speakyourmind is a @berniesanders project.
All the best

I think its goes to positive appreciate @jesta

The alternative facilities dear @rymlen

Cool, I've been thinking of switching over to chainbb. The forum format just seems so much better for community building.

Want to know about details please help @mitthradiumn

Done and done, posted and subscribed, what a stunningly integrated platform! User friendly and easy to navigate, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

Cool, I've been thinking of switching over to chainbb . What a great initiative :)!

I gave it a shot with a slightly unpopular opinion. Let’s see how this goes.

@speakyourmind I like the sound of this. You are right, voting is fun but so much better when you get up voted. I call that a sweet treat lol. Best wishes.

also appreciate you my dear !!

Thanks @speakyourmind. This will go a long way for new members who don't know their way around the steemit world. Plus another opportunity for older ones who have a whole lot to say but don't know how to go about it.

Am sure some persons will want to talk about all the bots that tackled their work with respect to Spam, plagiarism and blacklisting.

We will also have people who want to talk about their time spent on articles and how undervalued the work turn out to be.

What ever people decide to write with respect to speaking their minds I wish every one success.

Once again nice one @speakyourmind. Thanks the opportunity.

Okk sir it's nice to see your post and really good startup I am going to have a look on it thank you for sharing this post @speakyourmind @ngc

Beautiful idea! Let’s talk)

A debt of gratitude is in order for the colossal open door! @speakyourmind

it might not take me 90 minutes to write, but thinking of the perfect topic on the other hand might.

Edit: I take that back

This is great! Thanks, I will give it a try :)

is this real?

thanks i will try

posted a quickie - now I gotta go to friggin meaningless job :(

I already went on a tirade earlier this week about Steem and Steemit being different. you wouldn't believe how many times I've seen people complain that Steemit should stop @berniesanders from flagging people. Actually, I'm sure you would believe it...

If I have anything else I want to rant about, I will use this outlet for sure.

Its really very nice iniciative to pramote this platform

That sounds something intresting, I am going to give it a try and also recommend my friends ☺

It's my first time to participate in something like this. I hope I got it right!

Thanks for the great opportunity!

Need to try. Do you think this will be a good competitor to Steem?

Steem is the blockchain, if anything it would be a competitor to Steemit.

Thanks for the opportunity of chainbb @speakyourmind I appreciate your post 👌👍

@speakyourmind that will be great previledge to talk on forum built on steem. Steemians let us rock this

This is exciting news, @speakyourmind , thank you @berniesanders!
I am the author of 7 books, featured on PBS NewsHour & NPR, but still struggling to find my audience on Steemit (I've only been here 2 weeks).

I've, now, tried on 2 separate occasions to post on chainbb and both times I receive this notice 'Error Submitting to the Blockchain". I hope @jesta will be able to help me figure this out so I can share my work with you =)

Tempting to post Whatever you Want - 90 minutes for a post is maybe not an issue - I only have a problem to read a post that never stops and is not post but a book and destroy my mouse from scrolling.... lol

That's something amezing , already so may people asked is it real and got replied that it's so it better to try it, and I will try it , I think it's something I was looking for ☺

Amazing post.I'm new on steemit I'm following you please you follow me.I hope you follow me.Have a great Success.Thanks

Nice one here I come.
Also thanks to @berniesanders for his non-stop support towards helping authors on steemit.

Ok, let's try chainbb. Thanks for the opportunity

This is awesome! Iwill enter and post on chainbb. I hope this works. Thanks..

So chainbb is like steem another decentrilized platform ?

It's a different front end to the steem blockchain than steemit (and etc). Same content, just arranged a bit differently.

chainbb is another site, like Steemit, that runs on the Steem blockchain.

Awesome! Let's participate!

Mmmm, what I will speak in my mind?

You just proved that you are committed to keeping this community growing.
Kudos to you

I agree with this 100% I’m definitely on board ! Thanks for the opportunity

This is a good initiative to get more people to chainbb. It really is a great platform and @jesta is implementing cool new features all the time. It will be good to have some more people over here.

really its works ?? i am confused not yet started but wanna to start..

Chainbb? Yeah it works. Works well.

yaa chainbb .thanks for your response !!! i will join ,,,

Let me try chain bb. This is my first reply on it.... now lets start making a post and #SPEAKMYMIND

#speakyourmind i think it is :)

I just found this out, and I have no idea what I'm doing here.
Anyway I'll give it a try.

Just finished my first post on chainbb. I must say that it works very good, fast and has some really nice features..

Kind regards, Ron

really its works ???

This is such a generous offer, a nice way of getting people to share opinions. It'd be nice to read what people have to post. I'm gonna post something myself, don't know what yet though.. LOL.. Thanks for the opportunity

Good content is important for quality post. I think support each others also important for steemit user.And yes I also agree with you about upvote that you share.Thanks

Cok etkileyici....kendin hakkinda onun hakkinda herkesin hakkinda...kendime geldigimde başım cok agriyordu... @bahadirk ilk hedefimiz boyle konular olmali...ya da @ebruaydogdu ile kucuk bi toplanti yapmaliyiz....cok hakli ve dogru bi post

Nice 👍 post please upvote👆 my post.... Thank you

interesting offer

chainbb seems pretty cool will post something up there soon hopefully.

Hi everyone, i have the most basic question;
How do you make your title stay black after you have posted? Like whenever I post my articles, the title always goes to this faded grey colour. I will like any comment which answered this! My like is worth around 10c.. not much.. but still a reply would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

Thanks for letting us know!

I am ready for Upvote from "".

Why did we need a steem alternative?

good chance. i have not used till now. i just registered and logd. when i tried to post it gave an error
Unknown Error, check View -> Devtools for more information. what is to be done. please suggest......................

Thanks to share this post.

Really helpful post..

Again Thanks..

niccee It is right or wrong plz ans mr

i support your initiative, I believe this is gonna work for me also because i believe in your posts

Yup, flashback to message board days, but I'll give it a whirl.

And yeah, there's value in content that didn't take 90 minutes to write. Just ask the people who created twitter...

Awesome, nice, good etc

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I dont now how it is work

Only just got on steemit but will definitely check chainbb out!

Am new here but already loving it ☺

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I'm happy to see this great content
Greetings to you

Ah damned. If only I read this post earlier. I would have love to fish for a big vote for the steemmakers project. But I already made a begging post on my feed, not making two. So @speekyourmind, I hope the initiative last long enough so I can speak my mind again about steemmakers. And as you don't know what it is: it's a positive, user first, initiative to build a community for makers and diy. I just announced it today:

// end of shameless promotion

how do i do this please inform me?

Great initiative @berniesanders way to go man! :)

First time hearing about Chainbb, nice one! will check it out ;-)

I really don't understand...


I saw your new negative status with the middle finger @speakyourmind and I couldn’t help myself from looking further. I’m new to steemit and see you are all about freedom and helping new Steemers and writers. The lingo is still too new for me to understand what’s going on but it sounds Real! I’m not sure how to get to your other pages but I’ll try ...

Awesome looking forward and mooving forward ✌✌ thanks

"Speakyourmind" I try to, also outside chainBB :)

Yes! I know I ruffled a few feathers the other day when I said that I would rather upvote a question that took someone 30 seconds to write, but got 50 people discussing and engaging for a day, than a post that some writer or artist spent 150 hours coming up with, but that's only seen by their friends.

Successful social media sites are more than just people broadcasting information. Looking forward to seeing what people submit to the tag

Eye opener. Thanks

woot woot(=alarm), nice post, happy that not bernie made this post as his rep level would be 0 by now...

Its relly very nice thank you so match for sharing

Very interesting. I will try to write it

Thank you..... The Best pasti I get

This is going to be fun

Thanks for the offer, but I really don't see a point of this. Why do we need a steemit alternative? What we need is for steemit to work. If it works, why do we need an alternative? If it doesn't work, why do you think this alternative will work? I'm already on too many networks, and I don't see a point being on yet another one if it's just going to be an alternative to something that I already have.

The picture is very beautiful

Thanks for the info I will try

This sounds like an amazing initiative. I'll give it a try.

Wow! Very generous of you. I can't wait to see how this is going to motivate more people to write.

this sounds like a plan

Looking like a nice concept of rewarding, thanks for sharing.

Have a great day.

Seems like a good invitation to give chainbb a test drive...

So lets see if it goes as it is mentioned

Hay its really great things which I know from you , hay it's really great information.

Great initiative! Thanks for giving us opportunity that is not underrated :)
I bid you guys all blessings! Kudos!

This post has received gratitude of 27.29 % from @appreciator thanks to: @ngc.

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This is very nice to promote this plateform.thanks

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i started working to this platform at last month , i also follow this way right now i earned 33 steem power but not yet get a good amount of money, how can i improve myself ..??