Crypto is Dying. Crypto is Unstoppable.

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Steemit fires 70% of their staff! Ethereum Classic Dev team is done for! Prices are in a deep, dark pit! Bubble has burst! Everything is tanking! 51% attacks on PoW coins, Sybil attacks everywhere, ICOs getting shut down by SEC, no ETF, coins going to zero, Ethereum can't scale, BCH Hash Wars are ridiculous, everything is a scam!

But also - Bitcoin still as important an advance as the internet, still never been hacked, Lightning Network growing, Gin still hosting more and more masternodes, Loki working on its first SNAPP, good projects still innovating, crypto still in its infancy...

#AmIABitcoinMaximalistYet #SteemIsDead #ChooseWisely


who would have thought?!!?

What’s Loki?

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google it lol

So Put everything into Bitcoin? All the others are still down 90%

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