Minimalism, Nomads and Permaculture w/ Rich & Cahlen

in speakfreely-tv •  10 months ago

On this episode of Speak Freely TV Rich (@heyman1977) and Cahlen (@cahlen) discuss the topics of Minimalism, Nomadic Lifestyles and Permaculture Farming.

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Well done show. How did you record this ? Just on your phone via the app or how did you record this ? Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.


Thanks @overunitydotcom! Ya, I just make a Zoom room and invite the other person. If you're using your PC you can click Record Locally in the application, but you can also have the Zoom servers record and store the videos for you if you pay for a Pro account. Because I work 100% from a smartphone that's the option I had to go with.


Okay, so then you have a Pro Account of and have stored it on the Zoom servers and then afterwards downloaded it and uploaded it to Youtube ? this way you can do these Interviews on the road from your car just using your android phone ? That is a really great option. Then you must only be sure to have a good 4G connection, from where you access the Internet via your phone, right ? Amazing simple setup, just doing it all only from your phone... Is the Pixel 2 your are using the best phone for this kind of work ? Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.


Exactly right! Making sure I'm camped somewhere with 4g is all I need to worry about, which is surprisingly easy.

I have the Pixel 2XL, which is one of the better phones available at the moment. I doubt I need this level of computing power for the recording process, but it is nice when I want to do video editing.

This really was a great time. Can't wait to do another.


Ya, great talk man!