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Right off the bat I have to say this is my favourite ICO of 2018. Quantstamp is my pick of 2017. I’m not going to do an exhaustive review of Sparkster as I can point you to some which I have found extremely usefull. In a short paragraph Sparkster is a decentralised cloud software allowing anyone to build dApps on their platform potentially supporting up to 10m TPS.

What is Sparkster?

SPARKSTER is platform that eases the transition of dApps mass adoption. They aim to democratize the application development process by cultivating a functional software skill services for users. Sparkster has visions of democratizing access to software innovation thus helping users make their ideas into realities.

The SPARKSTER Platform
Firstly one of its best features, the simple drag and drop interfaces helping users build their functioning dApp quickly.
It also defines application possibilities plainly for users less proficient in coding languages and allows integration options for the application testing in an actual real-world scenario

Sparkster Decentralized Cloud
There is also a provision for a decentralized cloud platform for users. This will sustain the application's transactions and empower the application owners.

How can they achieve 10m TPS?
the biggest claim by Sparkster is “10 million TPS”. QuarkChain Quark shocked us with 1 million TPS and now Sparkster says it will handle 10 million TPS. Is this pure marketing?

Let’s examine this fact. There are similarities between Sparkster and Quarkchain. Both projects trying to make the transactions faster by using sharding. Sparkster don’t have a root blockchain. Both software is operating in a private environment (shards) and there is no any dependencies between shards.

Shards are quite small compare to whole blockchain like Ethereum and when all transactions and data in a blockchain can be stored let’s say in 1Mb space it is easy to have fast verification of transactions. Each shard can easily operate on 1k TPS. So when Sparkster’s team says “processing tens of millions of transactions per second ON CHAIN” they mean that 10k shards multiply by the transaction speed in each shard is equal to 10 million TPS.

As simple as it is. In terms of the Sparkster, in order to achieve higher TPS of the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud should simply have more miners who will handle the operations of private blockchains. Of course, this is not at all what the QuarkChain means, when it claims 1 million TPS.

Token Information And ICO Sale

Pre-ICO: Starts from May 3, 2018, till July 1, 2018

Sold to token holders- 69%
Sparkster Initial Investors- 20%
Sparkster team- 10%
Sparkster’s Dreamers charity- 1%
ICO Details
Token symbol- SPARK
Begins on July 1, 2018, till July 3, 2018
Platform- Stellar
Accepts- XLM, ETH, BTC, USD, XRP
Total supply-
Circulating supply
Price= 1 SPARK=0.15 USD
Hard Cap- $30 million
Soft Cap- $ 5 million
Token delivery- 2 weeks after crowd sale
Restrictions- USA residents
Lockup tokens- Only Bonus tokens for one month
Bonus rate- maximum 30%


Gold project. Very interesting concept which will become even more exciting as soon as they publish some code. I expect it to perform well. Excellent team with over 14+ engineers led by a leadership team with a strong background in business and technology. Project has a working test-net capable of processing 6K TPS. And if they suceed getting anywehre close to 10m TPS this project is going to land on Pluto.


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