Sparkster ICO review

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What is Sparkster?
Sparkster is new project which will help you create any kinds of softwares without programing knowledge!

What does it mean?
That mens anyone who has creativity can create useful things.

Sparkster will have simple tools which will be used to create any kinds of stuff in matter of minutes.
All that in just plain english with no writing codes!

Why is this so important?
This is very important because in future we could use our basic skills like we use it in Word or Excell now and that would be enough to create our own stuff on blockchain!

Sparkster has testnet with over 50k transactions per second and they are planning to achieve 10 Milion transactions per second.

They have really big team with solid skills to brings us decentralized way where anyone can become programer :)

Sparksters roadmap is full of things to be acieved and project is not here by yesterday, development of Sparkster begins in 2014. !

The team really know what they want and what they can do for helping world become simpler place, This is not financial advise and i am not paid by anyone, these are my humble opinions.

Have a great day, Bruno.

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