Second jingle for Steemit / composed by @titin

in #spanish6 years ago

Hi dear Steemians,

Finally I've decided to compose my jingles not for a particular project, but for the whole steemit comunity.

I think it 's the best way to share my musical feelings with all of you.

Also, today I'm sad...


Hola queridos Steemians,

Finalmente, he decidido componer mis jingles no para un proyecto en particular, sino para toda la comunidad steemit.

Creo que es la mejor manera de compartir mis sentimientos musicales con todos vosotros

Además hoy estoy triste...


Espero que tengas el éxito y que sea bueno!

Hope you will be happy soon. And start with uploading your jingle in

Thank you for your proposal!

Felt the sad aura around this post. So sorry for whatever situation you're going through.

I'll be better , thank you!

Great musicality. It touches my heart. I can feel the sadness.
Is this goes with how you feel too? photos you've chosen for the video make it more meaningful and dramatic. Great job! Keep it up. Cheers :)

Right , I try to transmit my feelings. Thank you for your support!

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