We are giving away 1 million in Spaco delegation for life.

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Do you want a Spaco delegation for life? Join the 1 Million delegation giveaway now.

We have a fantastic offer for Spanish speaking Steemit users to introduce them to the Spanish community token Spaco and the Hispanohablantes website: www.spanish-tribe.com.
Spaco is a Steem-Engine token and is traded on www.steem-engine.com. We have created Spaco to unite the Spanish community and to strengthen the Spanish vote

Our first step was to involve community projects and many have already joined and many more are welcome to follow. The next step is to get you, the individual user, aware and involved.

For this we have a proposal that benefits all of you. No matter if you are plankton, or a whale. We are giving away 1 million in Spaco delegation to everybody who is willing to invest in this great project.

  • If you buy for 1 steem of Spaco on the Steem-Engine market,and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 1000 Spaco for life.
  • If you buy for 5 steem of Spaco, and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 2.500 Spaco for life.
  • If you buy for 10 steem of Spaco or more, and stake it, we will give you a delegation of 5.000 Spaco for life.

In order to participate you have to:

1, Buy for atleast 1 steem of Spaco on www.steem-engine.com.

  1. Stake the bought Spaco in your Steem-Engine wallet.

  2. Comment to this post with: (amount) Spaco bought.

  3. We will give you your delegation and reply our confirmation to your comment.

We have chosen to give more delegation to users who buy for 1 steem, because we want to give every Spanish speaking steemian a good start on our platform, no matter how small their Steemit account is.

Every post you publish on Steemit with the tag “spanish” is automatically posted on www.spanish-tribe.com and you can log in and vote with your existing Steemit account and keys.

Together we can make the Spanish vote count. We invite you to join us and create truly united Spanish community on the Steem blockchain.

The following projects have already joined and we invite other projects to join us.

  • Cervantes
  • La Colmena
  • Templo
  • Votomasivo
  • MayVileros
  • Radiosteemit
  • Emeeseese
  • TheArtemis
  • Acropolis
  • Celf-Magazine
  • Team Mexico
  • Pro-Venezuala
  • Angelesdesteemit
  • Radaquest
  • Erarium
  • Laboratorio de Música Venezolana Contemporánea
  • VDC
  • Engranaje
  • Votovzla
  • Kantos
  • Spanish Freewrite
  • Stem-Espanol
  • Steemitcolombia


Hi there , Spanish-Tribe
We have been Notice that @SPACO account have been voting "camillesteemer " Accounts Fleet.

camillesteemer account is known to be Serious Flagger in The community.

We have a listing of their accounts , please delegate SPACO to this account @quarantine so we can take them down.

Here is the Evidence and there are more...


Sincerely @quarantine

i can have added some^^ do 10000+16549+ 2451 plus lose change count?? ;)
alll neatly staked & you know that lol
ScreenHunter 103.png

I know it and i love you for it.
All hail the queen of dragons.

I bought spako with 7 Steem yesterday, thank you😁👍

Apoyando más esta grandiosa iniciativa he comprado 1000 SPACO mas.

Dear @spanish-tribe,
I bought 1601 SPACO for 10 STEEM and staked all!

Screenshot from 2019-08-16 22-15-29.png

!giphy happy+spanish

Great, i first thought you got a delegation, but then i saw you bought it with your amico account.
Delegated 5000 Spaco in your account.

Thanks, @spanish-tribe... but I can't see the delegated 5000 SPACO in my @amico.spa account nor in @amico... could you check it, please?

just buy and stake between 3.9 steem Screenshot (521).png

why i not get a delegation?

¡Great! I support this proyect.

More people are joining and investing.

I bought 565 SPACO for the value of 5,022 Steem

Good to have u onboard. I delegated 2500 Spaco in your account. Enjoy giving those votes.


I bought 1200 SPACO for 10.68 Steem and i put this in stake.

can i buy this again? 10 Steem of SPACO = 5000 SPACO Delegation

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