HISPANOHABLANTES: A token and tribe for the Spanish Speaking Community.

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There is a new tribe in town.

We are “Hispanohablantes” and we have created two tokens: The SPACO and the SPACO miner (SPACOM). Our goal is to use SPACO and the SPACOM to empower the Spanish Speaker Community vote and add value to this community on the Steem Blockchain.

If you are using the tag “spanish” with your Steemit posts, chances are that your posts have already been posted on our tribe’s nitrous website.

Come and check out your Hispanohablantes account on: http://www.spanish-tribe.com

We want Hispanohablantes Tribe to be a true community driven project and we want the SPACO token to be an incentive for commitment and to add strength to the Spanish Speaker Community vote.

In order to jump start Hispanohablantes Tribe, we have decided to have a reversed air drop for early birds and community heroes. To become air dropped you have to buy the SPACOM (SPACO miner) during the airdrop period. The price for 1 SPACOM during this period is 100 Steem.

If you buy 0.5 SPACOM during the airdrop period you will receive 2.500 staked SPACO in the reversed airdrop.

If you buy 1 SPACOM during the airdrop period you will receive 5.000 staked SPACO in the reversed airdrop.

If you buy 2 SPACOM during the airdrop period you will receive 10.000 staked SPACO in the reversed airdrop.

If you buy 5 or more SPACOM during the airdrop period you will receive 25.0000 staked SPACO in the reversed airdrop.

The staked SPACO received from the airdrop is not delegated but yours to keep. We strongly suggest you keep it and use those powerful votes to your advantage and to that of the Spanish Speaker Community. You are free to powerdown and sell them on the Steem-Engine market. Powerdown of staked SPACO takes 13 weeks. Just like on Steemit.

The miner pool will be turned on when the reversed airdrop period ends

We are creating 2 million SPACO for the airdrop.

  • 500.000 SPACO are given as staked SPACO POWER to the reversed airdrop participants.

  • 300.000 SPACO are given as delegated SPACO POWER to 300 random selected steem accounts who post with the tag “spanish” while the reversed airdrop period is open. The 300 selected accounts each receive a delegation of 1.000 SPACO POWER for life. We will comment your post if you are one of the daily winners.

  • 500.000 SPACO are given as delegated SPACO POWER to a selected group of Spanish Speaker Community projects. Each of the selected projects receives a minimum delegation of 50.000 SPACO POWER for life.

  • 200.000 SPACO are given as staked SPACO POWER to the pre-aidrop team members as a reward.

  • 200.000 SPACO are given as staked SPACO POWER to @news-today for founding & funding the Hispanohablantes Tribe.

  • 100.000 SPACO are put in a downvote account. This account will downvote low quality posts, posts containing plagiarism, etc.

  • 100.000 SPACO are put in a giveaway account. This account will give upvotes to random users in giveaway’s.

  • 100.000 SPACO remain in the @spanish-tribe account.

After the airdrop the miner pool will be turned on.

We have chosen for a limited amount of miners and settings which divide the daily created SPACO equally between the reward pool and the miner token holders.

SPACO supply after airdrop: 2,001,000
Maximum supply: 21 Billion
Inflation: 5%: 2.5% Proof of Brain, 2.5% Mining
Inflation reduces by 0.5% each year
"reduction_every_n_block": 10512000,
“reduction_percentage”: 0.5,
Maximum amount of miners: 500
Miners issued after airdrop: 250

This means that half of the daily created new SPACO will go to the reward pool and the other half goes to the owners of the miner tokens, which gives the miner token owners a nice, passive daily income.

  • 100 miners are given to the reversed airdrop participants
  • 25 miners are given to the pre-airdrop team
  • 25 miners are given to @news-today for founding & funding Hispanohablantes Tribe.
  • 50 miners will be listed for sale on the Steem-Engine market.
  • 50 miners remain in the @spanish-tribe account, for later distribution to tribe accounts.

Every month 10 new miners will be issued which will be given to the Spanish speaker community members who have added some extra value to the Hispanohablantes Tribe in that month. The maximum amount of miners is set at 500. So after 25 months we have reached the maximum of 500 miners and no more can then ever be issued.

We have chosen for this structure with a limited amount of miners, because we believe this leads to a team of committed miners who will use their mined tokens for a part in bettering the Spanish speaker community.

Airdrop Rules.

We will list 100 SPACOM (SPACO miners) for sale for the reversed airdrop. The price per SPACOM is 100 Steem and the reversed airdrop period end when all 100 miners have been sold.

The 300.000 SPACO in delegations to 300 random accounts and the 500.000 SPACO in delegation to the Spanish speaker community projects are rewarded when all 100 SPACOM are sold. We have however, starting delegating to the participating projects already, so that they can start voting within their respective communities.

In order to participate in the reversed airdrop you have to:

  • Buy 0.25 or more SPACOM (SPACO miners) on Steem-Engine for the pre-airdrop price of 100 Steem per miner.

  • Comment to this post with “(amount) SPACOM bought”

  • We will then reply with “airdrop participation confirmed”

After the airdrop period ends you will receive your staked SPACO in your Steem-Engine account and you will be able to stake your bought miners.

Now it is up to you, Steem users of the Spanish speaking community to make Hispanohablantes and the Spaco economy your own. Together with you and the participating Spanish speaker community projects, we can for the first time truly unite the Spanish speaking communinity on the Steem blockchain.

We encourage you to use the “spanish” tag with all your posts, so all your steemit posts appear on www.spanish-tribe.com as well and you can start earning SPACO. We also encourage you to become an active curator. We believe curating is an important part of keeping our community involved and our content level high. That is why we have chosen for a 50% author and 50% curator split for Spaco earnings.

To get the most out of your curating efforts, we also encourage you to stake your earned SPACO to increase your vote strength maximize curating earnings.

Let us do this as one and make Hispanohablantes into a true community tribe for us all.

Here is the list of well known projects we are giving 50.000 SPACO POWER in delegation in order to empower the Spanish Speaker Community.
@votomasivo https://discord.gg/9uSeNGv
@la-colmena https://discord.gg/HRrpAq
@emeeseese https://discord.gg/GKgvw9E
@templo https://discord.gg/7BPfj6
@radiosteemit https://discord.gg/9uSeNGv
@celfmagazine https://discord.gg/HpJyAVS
@radaquest https://discord.gg/DqtacWX
@Acropolis https://discord.gg/5vW7D4

More communities joining as we speak.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the Discord servers of the communities listed.


You the Man. :-)
25.000 Spaco staked for participating in the airdrop.

Much appreciated.

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suggestion if it is addressed to Spanish speakers please accompany with a translation for those who understand a little less

Thanks for the delegation I hope to use it wisely

sugerencia si va dirigida a los hispano hablantes por favor acompañen con una tradución para los que entendemos un poquito menos


Gracias por la delegacion espero usarla sabiamente

@ @news-today

I purchased 0.5 spacom, did I miss the airdrop?

Posted using Partiko Android

No you did not. I have staked your account with 2.500 Spaco. The airdrop ends sunday, so you still jave 3 days to add some more.

Much appreciated!

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