Cómo tocar ¨Memories¨ de Maroon 5

in #spanish2 years ago


Después de muchisimo tiempo, deseo dejarles este nuevo tutorial de guitarra Espero re integrarme a la plataforma y comenzar a subir contenido periodicamente.

Esto es: Cómo tocar ¨Memories¨ de Maroon 5 en guitarra.

Espero que les guste mucho.

¡Gracias por ver!


It has been long since I was here. I always enjoyed your musical performances, and I am happy to see you are still playing!

If u haven’t been on Hive. U have a clone from fork and have value there. Same keys as here when fork happened last year

I have most of my voting power and community on hive. I followed the people. Many of the porn mic people there also I believe

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