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Who would have thought that living in Venezuela, I would have to travel to Africa to visit my aunt, I want to tell you that it is spectacularly beautiful, this place.


Who would have thought that living in Venezuela, I would have to travel to Africa to visit my aunt, I want to tell you that it is spectacularly beautiful, this place.


The adult hour arrived as she called it, and the children slept, the duties of the house were finished and my aunt said let's go for a few beers, we went to a place near home, you could see the racism that still exists in this country, it is not the radical thing to hate, they all live in the same place, but everyone is on their side, without speaking, the blacks sitting at a table, the whites in others, also the blackheads, separated from the redheads.


The sound of this waterfall was relaxing, a very nice place to go to observe.


This is a stop, from nelspruit to johannesburgo, they want to stay here, a relaxation, a hot chocolate that helped us with the 0 degrees they were doing, was not used to this temperature, but did not do great work.


My grandmother had already come several times to South Africa, between her and my cousins ​​I was excited to go to Kruger Park, this is the largest game reserve in South Africa, it has more or less the surface of Lara state, 350 km north south and 60 km from east to west, we did not manage to stay in the cabins inside the park, but it was more than enough, in which we stayed, the entrance has large wooden structures.



There is a mountain, where the summit is called the god's window, it is spectacular and reassuring, in the photo at the end you can see the sea, it was not the clearest day, but it is portrayed.



As I get to my family's routine, and I like to exercise when I'm accompanied, this is a gymnasium of some Christians, their tendency is crossfit and they serve the cougars, it's a rutby team, they doubled in size, high and wide, were strong training, but enough to increase my strength, strength and tone my body, were excellent days.


The sculptures of the shopping centers, can draw enough attention, making reference to some of the animals that you can get in this country, it is abundant the variety of animals that you can get on a daily basis.


I hope to return to these places and get to know a little more about this country, that we received these two months with a lot of kindness, giving us many experiences and especially to see my aunt and the little ones, because of the situation in the country, looking for a better future, they decided to leave, I do not want to lose hope to see them again.


Con cariño para uds.
Buenos momentos, buena compañía.
Saludos a todos los que lean este artículo, nos estamos leyendo luego. Besos.
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great trip and you are very cute girl

thank you very much, we are reading then, a warm greeting.

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I really want to go to South Africa, but haven't yet.

Of course it was excellent, it is a magnificent place, I want to return without thinking, I have no doubts.
Greetings and a warm hug.
We are reading.

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