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Is there anything you know how to do really well and what you feel proud of? Surely yes. It does not matter if it's baking cakes, solving algebraic equations, embroidering or making tax returns. We all have some knowledge that we appreciate and that we can share. Then why not do it?

A wonderful way to get involved with our community is by teaching; you do not need any accreditation as a teacher to approach some illiterate person you know and teach him to read or to share your knowledge of pastry, crochet, gardening or French with your friends.

Sharing what we know creates community bonds based on generosity and empathy, so it can be a great start to generate positive change in our society.

Have you ever thought how many memes, jokes and chains do you share per day? Can you imagine how valuable it would be that at the same time you shared useful knowledge that also fostered coexistence? There is no greater satisfaction than to involve others in something you love to do; try it, you will not regret it. We suggest a plan to start doing it:

  • Choose a knowledge that you master and that you would like to teach: it can range from gardening to advanced mathematics. It's up to you.
  • Ask your acquaintances if there is someone who is interested in learning. You can ask him to teach you something back and create a learning chain.
  • Invite more people and dedicate 1 day or a few hours a week to share their knowledge. They can even organize small workshops.


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