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Sometimes we think we need to solve all the issues of our life before doing something for others and being compassionate to them. However, in the words of the Dalai Lama: "Love and compassion are needs, not luxuries. Without them, humanity can not survive". In other words, it is always a good time to perform a compassionate act and each of those acts is necessary for the continuity of civilization. Here are some ways you can practice your compassion with other people on a daily basis. If you practice them regularly, you will notice that your personal levels of well-being also increase:

1. Support others selflessly

No matter how small your gesture of support to others may seem, deep down you may be making a difference in your day or your life, so do not dismiss it and do not miss opportunities. Little by little you will realize that there is really a lot you can do to support others. Maybe it all starts with something as simple as listening empathically to someone else's difficulties, giving him a seat or lending his skills for a good cause.

2. Express compassion towards the mistakes of others

Sometimes we are not going through our best moment and we make mistakes. When we have a bad day, what we most crave is a little empathy and understanding from others. Sometimes we get it and sometimes not, but the next time you see someone is not having a good time and made a mistake, you can be that empathic person who says, "It's okay, you're just human."

3. Offer constructive comments

Words are powerful and can be both a healing balm and a weapon capable of causing harm, in such a way that it suits us to reflect on how we use language to communicate with others. Look for your words to be constructive, useful and respectful. If you realize that you are not contributing or you can hurt others, it will be better to keep quiet.

4. Do not just think of yourself

Sometimes we are too much in ourselves and we become obsessed with our problems, our lives, our things. A walled life can trigger high levels of anxiety and depression. When we change the direction of our attention and stop thinking about ourselves and our problems to help others with theirs, we are planting the seeds of a compassionate act. Compassion changes our perspective, relieving anxiety and depression.



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