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If you have decided to include a dog in your life, no doubt living with him will give you many moments of joy and will become your best company, but the benefits of having a pet also imply certain responsibilities that you must fulfill, both for the good of the can as for yours, your family's and the community in which they are.

In addition to being aware that by having a dog you acquire a commitment with him that lasts all his life (that is, that for no reason you should abandon him), here we share some basic points that you must consider to be a responsible owner:

1. Give it a decent place to live

Since your dog comes home, you must assign a space where you can rest and where you have clean and fresh water always available. Remember that it should not be on the roof, on balconies or in the open, without a roof where you can protect yourself from the sun, cold and rain, much less stay tied up.

2. Provide the necessary medical attention

In addition to keeping your immunization record up to date and deworming it twice a year, it is recommended that the veterinarian check it once or twice a year, depending on your age and health status. In this way you can prevent diseases, as well as detect them in time to give you the appropriate treatment.

3. Feed it properly

The health of your pet depends to a great extent on the diet you give it; therefore, it is best that together with your veterinarian you choose the ideal food for him, according to your needs and your budget.

What you should avoid at all costs is to give the leftovers of your food, as their nutritional needs are different from ours and there are foods that, although for humans are good, for dogs can be harmful or can cause problems of overweight and obesity.

4. Sterilize your pet

One of the biggest problems today is the large number of homeless dogs that exist. It is estimated that in the country there are more than 23 million of them living on the street. Given this scenario, it is advisable that you sterilize your pet to prevent it from reproducing, and that in case you want to have another dog choose the adoption of one of those who need a family.

On the other hand, sterilization is beneficial for the health of animals, because it helps prevent diseases, infections and tumors that could become carcinogenic. Consult your veterinarian and find out about the benefits of sterilization.

5. Keep it active every day

Dogs need to exercise; therefore, part of the daily routine with your new friend should be the daily walks, of at least 30 minutes.

This, in addition to keeping them active to both, will help reduce stress and anxiety levels in your pet, which will help to prevent it from doing damage by being alone at home, and it is a way to strengthen the bond between you.

6. Clean your waste

Hand in hand with the previous point, whenever you go out to the street with your dog it is important that you carry a bag or paper to raise your feces, since leaving them in the street is a source of contamination and infection for the whole community.

7. Need a nameplate, necklace and strap

Hundreds of advertisements for lost and found dogs appear every day on the street and on the Internet. To avoid that yours is one of them, the recommendation is to go for a walk always on a leash and at all times bring a necklace with your identification plate, in which you must include your name and a phone number where you can be easily located. So, if he manages to escape, it will be easier for someone to find him and inform you of his whereabouts.

8. Hygiene is important

As far as cleaning is concerned, it is advisable to bathe dogs at most once a month, since doing so more often could dry out your skin. To keep your coat clean, simply brush it daily or every other day.

On the other hand, it is important to keep clean the place where you live and, especially, the place designed to meet your needs. In addition, you should shake and wash your bed and blankets frequently, and keep your dishes and utensils clean.

9. Dedicate time and educate

Your dog needs your company; for that reason you must dedicate a time of your day to play with him, attend to his needs and caress him. Even if you like to meditate, you can meditate at your side; Here we tell you how.

Also, to avoid disappointment and bad times, it is important that you educate them so that they know where to make their needs and learn not to take objects other than their toys. Here the main thing is to have patience and be constant, or, you can go to a dog training professional to help you.

10. Do not leave it in the car

We know that you like your dog to accompany you everywhere, but if you go to a place where you can not be with you and you plan to leave it in the car, it is better to stay at home, since the air does not circulate inside the car and the temperature can rise a lot, which is harmful to your health and can even cause death by heat stroke.


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