Frases de la semana | Phrases of the week | #5

in #spanish3 years ago
1. "Whenever they ask you if you can do a job, answer yes and go right away to learn how to do it.                 - Franklin Roosevelt.

2. The state of your life, is no more than the reflection of the state of your mind.

3. Sometimes we neglect the present for a future that we do not know if it will arrive.

4. "You have to be responsible for who you are and what you want.  - Mandy Moore.

5. He who can change his thoughts, can change his life.


Las frases, pensamientos positivos, de crecimiento personal ayudan a que seamos mejores personas. Gracias por tu post

Gracias amigo, nos da gusto que fueran útiles, cada semana subimos más así como artículos, un saludo!

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