Daily painting/Pintura del Día - Day 68‼️🎨 - ORIGINAL PAINTING!

in spanish •  2 years ago

Hello friends!!!

A new painting for you today! :)

Good night from Spain!

Hola amigos!!

Una nueva pintura para vosotros!! :)

Buenas noches desde España!

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very skilled!


Thank you!! Practice and practice, that's all! :)

Realmente hermosa, tu la pintaste?


Gracias!! Si!! Hace unos 3 años!

ES pintada msimo por vos? S ies as ite tengo que no solo votar al 100! si no comprarte la pintura! que laburo por dios.. !


Hola @leotrap! Si! 🤣🤣 todas las pinturas de mi blog! Y esta sigue en venta si te interesa! ;)


Paaaa alucine! era broma lo de la compra, seguramente no pueda costearla hoy por hoy.. .pero la verdad te ganaste un seguidor! Alucine con tu trabajo!


hahaha genial! muchas gracias!!

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Great Piece @omwith!
Love the combination of colours and the usage of the paint.
Upvoted and follow!


Thanks @romaan-namoor!! The world needs more art lovers like you!


I agree totally with that! With more art and art lovers, the world would be a totally different place.
Just because we would look and react differently at the things around us.
It's all a matter of perception...

For me, my life is all about art... and more art! ;)

I love the painting. Love the splashes of colors you used to make the shadows on her body. Awesome :)


Thank you! :)

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So beautiful!! I actually like the way you have captured her hands :)


Thanks! ;) hands are difficult, and so I also prefer to keep the freshness of the brush stroke this way


I really like it. It's not important for something to be made like it looks in real life for it to be perfect-that's the beauty of art isn't it :)

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