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A house burned, a museum restored...

Since we are visiting San Miguel de Abona, a little beautiful hilled village, we had to show you "casa de el capitán".

Peaceful it is

It is sunny, it is hot, the sky is clear and the blue gets mixed up with the sea at the horizont... but let's talk about the museum.

History Museum

*Pics from www.wildcanarias.com*
<--Don´t forget to visit ;-)

Arts & Crafts

History museum "The captains house" is located in the historical area known as El Calvario in the town of San Miguel de Abona. Its history is closely linked to the Alfonso´s family who build it in 1814 and used it as their own residence until the late nineteenth century.

After being burned and restored by the town hall in 1978 it was converted into the actual museum of traditional arts and crafts. In this space are permanently displayed various exhibition related to the traditional pottery. The history of the town and the rural life, including winery.

All this in a typical rural canarian environment with native gardens and traditional courtyards.

A great place to relax for half an hour...

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If you wanna see Tenerife with different eyes, just sit back and relax with this video...

Un Mar de Nubes / A Sea made of Clouds

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