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The use of cryptocurrencies has generated exceptional results in recent years, and has exceeded the main benchmarks. The development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the development of additional use cases is disrupting business on a global scale. The accelerated rise and speculative interest rates, volatility in the cryptocurrency markets will remain high.
Primarily, the value of the cryptocurrencies will increase and contract following changes in network effect and usage success stories. Increased adoption will help boost prices, but strategy coverage and diversification will be vital to safeguarding the value of the portfolio itself.
In view of this, block chain technology will have a number of technical challenges that must be resolved before they become mainstream. Many organizations have been formed to address these challenges, and most are working on the research and development necessary to take cryptocurrencies to the next level.
In almost all cases there is no clear path to the return of investment for those who finance the project.
In this way Network approaches the cryptocurrency ecosystem in an environment focused on the transactions of organizations. We will devote ourselves to research and innovation that will lead to tangible results within a framework that can be projected.
We have started building a centralized Derivatives Trading Platform that supports the currency pair trading, option contracts and futures contracts. We anticipate a strong interest in these new derivatives and a substantial return on investment with high returns.
We will leverage our customer database and industry knowledge to extend a real-time transaction service. currency. We will build solutions and focus our implementation on the geographic areas where there is the greatest impact.
We will share our success with our symbolic headlines by setting 15% of the platform trading fees to their Ethereal Addresses. In addition, our symbolic holders will receive an equivalent share of the new tokens generated for our currency in real time.

For 2009, specifically on January 3, 2009, the most disturbing financial system in recent years, the Bitcoin Genesis block, began. This was initiated with the aim of creating a decentralised peer-to-peer system for e-money between peers. This initial creation generated a multitude of different cryptocurrencies, and a whole ecosystem of companies has emerged to take advantage of this new technology.
Among the main cases of use of Cryptocurrencies can be indicated as follows:
1.- Speculative digital assets / investment
2.- Means of exchange
3.- Payment rails
4.- Cases of non-monetary use
It was originally proposed that Bitcoin be used as a peer-to-peer currency in a global trading ecosystem, where its investment has developed and now dominates the other cases of cryptocurrency use.
Cryptocurrency prices remain volatile, and their volatility dwarfs regulated forex bonds and stock markets. This volatility is driven by significant trading/investment activities, development of additional use cases, and uncertainty about future government regulation. In 2016 a joint report by Coinbase and ARK Invest estimates that 54% of Coinbase users handle bitcoin strictly as an investment, not as cash between peers.
The year 2017 has been an exciting one for cryptocurrencies with oversized price dividends in general; but much technical development is still needed before cryptocurrencies become the mainstream and can gain some price stability.
Most businesses are working on technical solutions to address the key constraints of the current situation. - These innovations tend to focus on enlargement and decentralization, and include:

  • Second layer protocols
  • Interactivity between chains
  • Locking chains within the locking chains
  • Decentralised sales networks
    Dimensions Network is one of these industries and we have multiple objectives to complement rather than compete with existing initiatives. We will stand on the shoulders of the giants, and use their excellent technologies to develop real-world solutions that will generate solid returns.
  • Our Vision: To build and operate the most professional cryptocurrency trading platform, with a full range of trading services from currency pairs to options, futures and other derivatives.
  • Our Mission: We will focus on financially sustainable trade for the exchange and development of cryptocurrency, and to overcome the major technical and industrial challenges facing the cryptographic industry.
    Its use of an option gives the owner or option holder the right, but not the obligation, through a contract to buy or sell an underlying asset or instrument at a specified Exercise price on a specified date, depending on the type of option.
    The strike price may be established by reference to the market price on the day an option is exercised, or it may be fixed at a discount or premium. The seller has a corresponding obligation to perform the transaction - to sell or buy - if the buyer (owner) "exercises" the option.

    The options are typically handled for:
    Leverage: Options help you benefit from price changes without having to buy the underlying.
    Coverage: Options can be managed to protect against price fluctuations by offering you the following options to buy or sell the asset at a set price for a specified period of time.
    Dimensions Strike Token (DST) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to perform a number of functions. Originally, the token will be managed to distribute rewards to our token holders. A portion of the trading fees generated by Dimensions Network will be shared with our chip holders as a "reward".
  • Sale of Tokens
    This white paper constitutes the initial sale of the DST token, or more frequently referred to as the initial sale. The funds generated by the symbolic sale will be used to further develop the Dimensions Network platform.
  • Why Sell Chips:
    Different financing options have been established, and after many consultations we concluded with the option of a symbolic sale. The significant benefits of a symbolic sale include:
    Token sales allow everyone, from all walks of life, to join and benefit from a start-up business. This is in stark contrast to venture capital, where only "wealthy "approved" investors have access to these businesses in their early stages.
    The chip holders can be considered as an interesting part of the business and have the desire for the platform to be as successful as possible. Our chip holders protect our services and help us grow our platform and user database.
    Critical ICO

    The tokens will be automatically distributed to the Ethereum shipping address. The chips will be blocked until 3 weeks after the completion of the chip sale, after which they will be negotiable.
    Token Rewards:
    15% of all trading commissions generated by the platform will be issued to symbolic holders as a reward.
    Originally these rewards will be distributed every three months in Ethereum chips to all holders on the day the reward is awarded. The duration between the issuance of rewards decreases as the volume of rewards increases. Over time we anticipate the change to monthly, weekly and daily rewards to our chip holders.
    To ensure that our chip holders receive our rewards, we urge them to keep their chips in a wallet controlled by a private key (such as MyEtherWallet), or keep them on our wallet platform.

Phase 1: Web Based Trading Platform (Currency Pairs, Options, Futures)
1.0 Development of the Dimensions Network trading platform:
1.1 Alpha Closed Launch: Web Application March 2018.
1.2 Security Audit April 2018.
1.3 Public Launch: Web Application: Paper Trading (Non-Financial) April 2018.
1.4 Public Launch: Web Application: Currency pairs and options May 2018.
1.5 Public Launch: Web Application: Futures June 2018.
1.6 Expand Platform - Coins, Features, Additional Continuous Derivatives.
1.7 Exchange Aggregator for Institutional Clients 4Q 2018.
Phase 2: Banking License (FIAT Accessibility without third parties)
2.1 Apply for Bank Licenses to reduce the dependency of 3rd party to handle FIAT transfers. Multiple countries required. Q3 2018.
2.2 Develop the FIAT banking backend. Q3 2018.
2.3 Integrate FIAT capabilities into the Q4 2018 Platform.
2.4 Obtain Banking Licenses Q3 2019.
Phase 3: Mobile accessibility.
3.1 Development of the Android Q2 2018 application.
3.2 Development of the IOS Q2 2018 application.
3.3 Close Beta Release: Android and IOS Q3 2018.
3.4 Public launch of mobile applications in the third quarter of 2018.
3.5 Expand Platform - Coins, Features, Additional Continuous Derivatives.
Phase 4: Decentralization.
4.1 Development of the Decentralised Platform Q3 2018.
4.2 Public release of the Q4 2018 beta version.
4.3 Integration of Centralized and Decentralized platforms to enhance liquidity in the Q1 2019 decentralized platform.
4.4 Public launch of the second quarter of 2019.
5.4 Expand Platform - Coins, Features, Additional Continuous Derivatives.
Phase 5: Real-time currency.
5.1 Bring the working group together to build the T4 2018 proof of concept.
5.2 Private beta release for the second quarter of 2019.
5.3 Country-specific launch with T3 2019 trading partners.
Stephen Mullens - Technical Director.
Rin Chwe Me - Chief Operating Officer.
Manu Datta - Technical Director.
Navneet Kumar - Kernel Developer
Jensen Ng Kian Sheng - Junior Developer
Tan Wee Ching - Developer.
Suba Shiniie - UI / UX
Luke Sherwood - Public Relations.
Glynn Farrow - Advisor to Blockchain.
Dipesh Sharma - Advice on Derivatives.
James Murray - Exchange Advisor.
Quentin Abrahams - Strategy Advisor.
Tyler Ward - Marketing Advisor.
Marcello Milteer - Community advisor.


Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2261537
Web site: https://dimensions.network/en/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DN_STC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimensionsnetwork/
Telegram ann: https://t.me/DimensionsOfficial
Telegram Q&P: https://t.me/DimensionsTalk
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionsNetwork/

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