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Sí, por favor, venda su Spaco que obtuvo por comprar el Spacom que vendió de inmediato. Seguimos de cerca a los abusadores. Compartiremos sus datos con Neoxian y Palnet. Además de aquellos en tu anillo. Puede salirse con la suya este comportamiento en Steemit, pero en las tribus cuidamos demasiado nuestra plataforma para no notar las cosas.

I know the token game. that's why you lost to me. I have played in the market before you know the market
I think neoxian knows me better than you.

this is only a small fish community in Steemit
there are hundreds of better and more genius communities outside.

yeah, you go play the market with your 132 steem power elsewhere. This fish community needs no bottom feeders.

You don't understand the game, just keep playing until you understand the meaning of the game in the world of coins. steemit is my entertainment job.

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