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Currently the world of video games has a great influence on society, previously it used to relate video games only with children and adolescents, but for several years, with social networks and smartphones, that was in the past and Nowadays, regardless of age, it is a possible consumer of video games, this has caused the industry of video games to have a huge turnover. Some studies say that it already generates more money than the seventh art, it is estimated that in 2017 industry more than 100 billion dollars and this figure is expected to continue rising this year.


For nobody is a secret that the world of video games is centralized, this causes that the digital assets are not truly of the players, in many centralized games even the players are not allowed to trade their own articles, to solve this a group visionary people decided to create XAYA, XAYA allows the development of decentralized virtual worlds, in this way players will truly control and own digital assets, they can exchange their assets for a real value in the market of cryptocurrencies with simple transactions and safe thanks to smart contracts.

The XAYA team has experience in games since in 2014 they launched the first decentralized massive multiplayer game that has the name of HUNTERCOIN, it was also the first game built in blockchain, HUNTERCOIN was a total success, they achieved that more than 35 thousand characters interacting simultaneously in the game, totally autonomous, the team created the game as a hobby project and ended up raising 10 million dollars, after this success the work team seek to apply the resources learned in this new platform XAYA and solving the scalability problems using innovative methods, if you want to know more about HUNTERCOIN you can visit the page https://huntercoin.org/ and to see the interface of the game you can see this video

Maybe you can ask the summary of accounts that XAYA offers us as a platform for the development of games, good the main characteristics would be these:

Being provably fair

Being decentralized and autonomous environments

True Item Ownership and fair acquisition

24/7 Up-time

Play to Earn gaming Experience

Fraud proof trading


The next games on XAYA


Treat Fighter

Currently XAYA have two major releases, it is two different game concepts, the first is Treat Fighter, this game will be quite fun since you cook your own fighters hahaha not read wrong, you will collect food and cook your fighters with cakes, cookies and sweets, specifically the creators of the game describe it in this way: ("Located in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, the game allows players to compete to cook the largest Treat Fighters collection on earth. Players take on the personalities of the powerful Overlords magician who can collect resources by sending their Treats on expeditions or getting rewards and glory sending teams of Treats to the Coliseum to compete in Treat Fighter tournaments")


Soccer Manager

I'm honest, I did not know there were games of this type, because it's not a Soccer game where you drive the players and make goals, in this game you must create your team manage your money in the players' signing, make the changes strategic for the matches you play the role of coach and club owner, Soccer Manager will have your own token (SMC) with which you can make purchases, pay the salary of players and other transactions that require money transfer

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games
  • MMORPGsThere are other genres as game types beyond the three popular online categories mentioned.



With XAYA all game developers will have a powerful option to run their games in different types of programming, they will no longer need to depend on companies that charge huge amounts of money to host their games and run them on their servers, apart from offering them to its players the real ownership of the digital assets that the players develop or win in their games, in short this platform will provide the next step for the development and execution of decentralized games

For more information watch this short video!

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