Update #10 Chess League in Nueva Esparta, Tenth consecutive tournament in the Sambil Margarita, open international for all categories

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I would like to thank all those who are doing this campaign to engrandecer the culture of chess throughout the state, thanks to their contributions we can make all these tournaments possible and attract more people to participate in all the activities we do.

On October 20 and 21, the spaces of the corridor extension of the Margarita Sambil Center were dressed in black and white to host the VIII Chess Tournament organized every year by Ulises Hernandez, director of ASOAJEDREDENE.

There were 102 chess players between 8 and 16 years of both sexes, who with large doses of concentration and analysis gave everything for everything in this competition where the winners of 1st to 3rd place received their certificate by category.

Also, the opportunity was given to an open group where preseas were delivered up to the 6th place, motivating the integration with those who like this intellectual sport and would like to be part of the professional team.

Special thanks to Mc Donald's for sponsoring the hydration of all participants of this activity that seeks to encourage the practice of chess in children and young people.

🏁♟TORNEO 📅 sábado 24 y domingo 25 de agosto
🏛Parque Costazul
⏰ 2:20 pm
🎖🏅Medallas para los primeros lugares
🏆🎀🍬obsequios para los campeones
📝💵 Bs 4000 la inscripción


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Thank you for covering this event. I will suggest posting this article in spanish so all the venezuelans in this community can read it as well. Best regards

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