Interesting information about some animals

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Every day around us we see various types of worm insects, animal birds. Various types of variety and their life-saving methods are very weird. The more information about them comes to us, the more we are surprised.

Today, some information about your animal life is given.

Ostrich can run faster than a horse The male ostrich can throw a thunderbolt just like a lion.

Only the bats can fly among mammals.

Kangaroo stands on the tail of its back, jump and jump. If you raise your tail, it can not stand on the ground.

On average, every 50000 spiders in every green area live in 50000 spiders.

Elephants also get water sources from about 3 miles away.

Do you know? There are about 10 million ants against every human in the world. They do not sleep anymore and they have
no lag.

Butterfly compounds are composed of thousands of lenses but they do not see any color other than red, green and yellow.

If a Snail loses its eyes it can grow again.

Among birds, hummingbird is the only bird that can fly in the opposite direction and can wound the wings 80 times in a second

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Nice Post. I'm curious about the ostrich throwing a thunderbolt?


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