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I bring you some verses,
so you can delight,
know a little about the platform,
to be able to appreciate it

Whaleshares is its name,
to conquer it came,
each one of us,
knows the value of ours

Creating human networks, the community meaning, valuing the people, their talent and ability.

Whaleshares invites you,
You can participate,
generating content.
original and of excellence.


in this community Let's grow,
making bonds,
and supporting us without stop.

Together we can generate,
unsurpassed content,
receive rewards
just for creating it there.

Let the value of people be shared
let's leave pettiness,
and let's give people help
that will walk by our steps.

friends, I tell you so,
Whaleshares is the platform,
for sharing and rewarding,
a community to enjoy


I want to thank that friendly whale,
as Fuzzy is in Whales,
that with your initiative of helping,
in these seas so many,
in whaleshares they improve.

To other great people, my gratitude I have to give,
a Bryan and a Chuky for their unique value,
that always motivate us to go further.


Note: Some images are subject to change and others created by me with the Gimp program.

Sources: Imagen, Imagen 2

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Thanking @GaelJosser for your help in this translation

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