Hacker Warning: Victims Come Forward!

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Recently a new type of hacker has been active.

The hacker account name is @test240 and what it does is steal both STEEM and SBD from it's victims. It does not change keys or do anything that isn't directly related to stealing funds.

In order to stop this hacker we need more information from the victims. We already have some leads thanks to some victims and thanks to @blocktrades. But we need more information.

Were you hacked?

Message @guiltyparties GuiltyParties [.com]#5071 on Discord right away or ...

Reply below with:

  • Did you open any suspicious/new Steem-related websites prior to being hacked?
  • Did you download any Steem-related apps on your phone or tablet prior to being hacked?
  • Did you install any Steem-related browser extensions prior to being hacked?
  • Did you accidentally post your active key or password anywhere?
  • Did you open any suspicious files or attachments?
  • Did you do anything at all that you can think of that may have lead to being hacked?

Reply in the comments below but please take some time to think about your answer first.


@spaminator you need to piss off and stop downvoting everything I post.. been here a year took a long time to get the rep I had and you and your bot have destroyed it in just weeks.

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Omg doing the same to me is driving me crazy between this guy and steem cleaners.

I am getting flagged for posting my own artwork and photography.

Is that recent? I haven't seen any flags at in the past 7 days on either your or ewasteguy1 account

Unless I'm mistaken

I eventually got them to remove it!

Good outcome in the end.

I suppose with every process that is somewhat automatic there will be false positives + I by using steemit we accept that people can flag us for no reason other than they feel like it. It's a bit different when it's a massive account with a specific purpose.

What annoyed me was more I got accused rather than asked if I had plagersised. 🙈

I am getting flagged
For posting my own artwork
And photography.

                 - ultravioletmag

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Such sloppy websites are a good tool for criminals.

Connection not secure? Nice...

That will do it.

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Is that same group that's been memo-ing people?

I guess so.
I also got a memo from that one.

Definitely could use some SSL/TLS love but to its credit it does use SteemConnect. Any idea who owns it?

I thought this was @holger80, but not sure.

edit, if it is sending memos - unlikely holger :)

I am new to crypto and thanks for your valuable post especially about Steem hackers. This will create awareness for the new Steemians.

Appreciate the heads up. Happy to see an active approach to sharing knowledge about dangers out there! Stay safe everyone.

Thanks for the heads ups, from having a quick look at the mentioned account followers it shows the same peeps behind lots of troll and fake accounts marcusmalone, sp-group are behind it or involved somehow. I have a big list that I have been putting together for all these troll fake account created for the past few month if its of any help let me know where I can submit it to and it will be my pleasure to share it.

Keep up the great works, kudos

You need to piss off with flagging every comment I make and ruining my rep score... I got enough shit going on I can't change like a custody battle... this I can change if you dont stop it on your own .. ill hack this account and drain its steem

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Those victims are all dead accounts... got fished 1-2 years ago... interesting that the last 3 months they are getting sucked dry... as if their fishingbowl got hacked...

Thanks. I'll probably resteem it on the pof account too.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for the heads up!!!

I used Grammarly extension in my chrome browser and I'm not sure I login in steemauto with steemconnet, normally i used to keep my every information in my gmail account and google drive. Hope that could be a cause.

Thank you. I don't think its any of those things but I'll take it into account.

how can I know if he is tracking me or not?

A hardware wallet is a nice idea.
People can keep their tokens safe

I'm personally new to crypto and don't fully know it yet. The information you send is very useful and has become a benefit for us here. Thank you @spaminator for the information you have provided, we will be very careful in this matter.

You keep downvoting all my posts? What is it all about????

Please what of those who lost their password? I am a victim of this. I lost my formal Steemit password and it was devastating I must tell you.

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There's nothing more than what I already told you over Twitter back then.

pls when will steem support hardware wallet? It is a major problem to those who want to keep big quantity of steem

I'm working on Steem hardware wallet support for Ledger. Currently having some issues with transaction signing due to some weird issue converting serialized transaction to a digest in C

If you're keeping a large amount of STEEM, put it into a "cold wallet" which is an account you don't use for every day posting and voting. You can attach it to "trail" your vote or you can just keep it in there in liquid and trade.

There is a proposal on the SPS about it. Take a look.

Why you always flag my post?

You're on for farming with multiple accounts and mass plagiarism. Appeal on our Discord please https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV

Is there any way to recover or my steem tokens are gone for forever?

If they were stolen they're gone. Thanks for reaching out via Discord, I replied.

Why you vote for me?

You are on for reposting dozens of old posts, no citations, and spam. Please go to the Steemcleaners discord to appeal. https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV

Hi @spaminator

test240 wallet:

2 months ago Transfer 1400.000 STEEM to blocktrades 1f1c4d69-c0f2-49ea-a71f-e1bcc6ffb57a

That's so confusing. Is this account somehow related to blocktrades? :/ Any idea?

thanks for such helpful suggestions.


Why you downvote my Post https://steemit.com/blog/@honolulu/so-vor-mich-hingedacht-ueber-das-lernen to zero ?

This is no spam this was a blog post - no copy paste, a critical thinking thing...

I am really upset

Why do you keep flagging my posts?

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