Adventures in Steemit Spam

in #spam2 years ago

So I was looking at some Steemit comments and I saw this great deal in there

Wow~! Free upvotes Upvote, I could really use that right now in this time of financial hardship. Lets check out that sweet site

Ah ok so they will automate my account to Maximize! and Increase Curation then I will get free upvotes I think

Ok alright, not what I expected when I first heard about the free upvotes, but, as a programmer, I can understand the effort these guys went through to get me some free money in my pocket. So I'll cut them some slack, especially since they are giving me 0.1 STEEM for free just for joining

Wow! Looks a bit different than SteemConnect normally does, but I just can't let some free STEEM pass me by just because things look different, like I'm some sort of picky BABY! Lets do it!

Don't actually do this by the way

Ok so I'm done and I'm not so sure what the next step is from here, maybe just check my steemd page for my 0.1 STEEM transfer



Oh no now that's not right


I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a upvote and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

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