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RE: Introducing @pleasestop - Here to reduce comment spam

in #spam6 years ago

This is a really great and useful bot. Thank you and Good Luck!


Gina told me about your mention of me and @duplibot in another comment this morning and I was truly humbled by your compliment there. Many many thanks for your support!

You deserve all the support. When I started out I was sick of seeing dumb superfluous spammers (some of them who had much higher reputation than I did) and I support any initiative that support clear abuse. As for grey areas like self voitig/circle-jerk etc. I support protocol level changes and I'm against flag wars.

Check out @miti I found him while I was getting sick of constant spam and he's been trying to educate spammers for few months. Good Luck!

Awesome, I'm thinking about ways to collaborate with others and get the community involved so I'll check out @miti and see what can be done.

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