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RE: ⚠️ Only Warning ⚠️ UPDATE I was wrong 😅

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Hi @d00k13,

We really apologize for the issue and understand your frustration -want to assure you that it is not an issue of spamming but a small technical glitch that led to it. It has been rectified.

We are a team of developers working passionately on this platform from the past one year. 1Ramp has never seeked delegation or done any kind of promotion except for a talk in SteemFest 2018. On the contrary you can go through our blogs and see the massive amount of development work which goes on. We have done open source contributions on Steem and our focus has always been to create for the community.

At the time of writing this, the lifetime comments + posts from @the1ramp account is 444, which means an average of 2 comments + posts per day since the account was created. Several Dapps have 50,000+ comments in the same time frame.

I am tagging all the commenters on this post to clarify the issue: @techcoderx @shaidon @blind-spot @deceth @alexabsolute @adenijiadeshina @conradt

We again want to apologize to anyone and everyone this caused a trouble in anyway possible. If you face any other issues please let us know in our discord, we assure it will be taken up on priority.

Kind Regards,
1Ramp Team


Thanks for clearing that up 👍

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Glad it helped clarify the issue. 🙌

Great response, thank you for getting back to me! I was hopeful it was a technical issue and I’m glad to have alerted you 😅

Sorry to cause such a fuss but I take “a firm stand and try get attention on the situation” tactic, may seem aggressive but if you know me well enough then it’s obviously outside my normal character thus gets attention.

First I have heard of you to be honest, I have been nose down not paying attention to goings on outside of our community. Should have started by saying thank you for your contributions, development of anything for the sake of Steem I tend to hold dear to my heart. Often the developer is last to take credit for their contributions, I have learned it’s about seeing the creation come to life.

Anywho feeling like a jack..... didn’t expect a human response 👍I will format this post 🙏

Thank You again for the great response!

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Thanks a lot for handling this issue in such an elegant way in the end. really appreciate that 🙏

Your quite welcome 🙏

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