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@somesteamer - Some excessive commenting

I ran into this account today and it's pretty absurd. Every 30 seconds we see another reply stating exactly:

Excellent post!

It's over 100 comments and counting so far and I'd like to stop this account in its tracks.

Let's silence this account with downvotes!

To start, I found posts with pending rewards and pushed them all below the dust threshold, except for one. I made about 10 downvotes from my accounts but barely moved the rep since my SP isn't much at all still.

Would you mind throwing a few flags at this account to move that rep a little closer to zero so we can automatically hide all of these posts? Once an account has a reputation of zero or less every comment is automatically hidden at the bottom of the page.

You can start with this comment which still has a payout of $1.09 at the time of this writing.

For this account, it is all about reputation more so than rewards. I want these comments to stop and apparently over 100 replies from me is not enough to even slow it down.

I wonder if together we can slow it down? I'm ready to find out!

Here's the comments that I pushed below dust, but you could move them all the way to zero. Or just flag any comment, it will still reduce the reputation regardless of payouts.


Excellent post!
Just kidding.
Yeah that is well out of hand.
Something needs to be done.

Seriously though, this is way beyond too much.

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I wonder if you have any tips to make this guy come to his senses. Look at his listing at I muted him so I am not seeing his bad language comments anymore.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like anything short of downvoting the reputation to zero is going to do much.

Thanks, I muted him. His comments don't show up for me anymore.

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