Rewards Removers - (2018-05-18)

in #spam4 years ago


So, I realized I haven't taken the time to celebrate those accounts that are helping to flag the spam I'm reporting in my Removable Rewards posts. It's been about 2 weeks since I've posted this so there are a LOT of flags that were handed out!

There's nearly 200 flags so rather than report them each individually today I'm just gonna show some totals.


These accounts are helping to stop this spam by flagging these comments to remove rewards. And have they been flagging! Please head over to their blogs and share a few votes in support of their work!



These are the accounts filling the blockchain with unnecessary comments that the accounts above have helped to flag.


Future Reports

I'm going to start reporting these far more frequently now!

I'm excited to see so many flags coming in. I'm working on calculating the exact amount of rewards being removed by these downvotes as well.

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