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RE: Introducing @pleasestop - Here to reduce comment spam

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How about adding a comment at the beginning of the post. Saying this comment was upvoted. This way I can see who is getting a upvote or self upvote without having to click on every comment. It would make it easier to weed through the comments.


Awesome tip, thanks! I'll be able to catch opening self-upvotes but not much else, since I stream the blockchain and reply immediately to a post, basically seconds after it was created so there usually aren't many votes yet. I'll see what it would take to get that added to my script.

oh wow thats cool so you "stream" the steem chain , does that cost you extra server costs? Does it cost extra to get auto replies to all these short comments immediately? REALLy cool that you just mentioned that because I was wondering what it takes to create a system like this, because I have a whole list of ideas for this sort of system

foir example I just want to start mass messaging all the noobs who seem to eb doing the same soret of low effort posts. When I find a low effort postr that is under a certain word count by low rep scroe accounts I want to have an autpomatic message that just comes up when it detects a Lot of low effort posts that fighta certain strict criterion and then auto posts a message that asks them to please try harder and give s aLLISt of suiggestions from uploading Videos to @dlive to posting picture posts on @steepshot and this way I believe I can FUNNEL a lot of users who would naturally otherwise just become un knowing spammers into becoming more productive steemians. I could provide a LIST or a small lecture giving them "the talk" in an automated message. I have a nice lecture to give new users thjat recommends a list of things they can post about like taking screenshots of their own wallet or blog once they have made a little money, and showing it off to their facebook and youtube followers. This sort of strategy works and is something to keep enw users busy, promoting steem on legacy social media. I just have so many automated messages I want to bring up to all the low effort posters.

Another example for how I could find another use for your project, It would be nice to auto reply to people who post just single youtube links as steem posts, I want a auto reply comment that instructs them to please edit their post and include a sort of Review of the content, I want to remind these users that even if the youtube video is theres to PLEASE describe and explain that in the body of the text UNDER the Youtube Video link, OR to exp[lain whose video it is to cite and source the video well and to give credit to the original creator, and to explain why your posting someone elses work, it can be as a review or to point something out to us, I just want to encourage users to not post Naked youtube links alone, but to AT LEAST include a REVIEW of the video to create a more original sort of content.

So, I use steem-js for all my work and it does the job reasonably well. None of this requires any major resources so I'm running on a super basic server. There are a ton of great posts about steem-js and you can find examples of nearly anything to get started.

I definitely want to open source at least some of what I'm doing, but that's a clear roadmap to avoid me so I'm giving that some thought on how best to proceed.

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