How to get an IP address in Spain?

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Are you looking for an IP address in Spain? Why do you need it? Maybe to bypass some geographical block, in other words, to watch or read some content online only available to people with a local IP address in Spain? Or maybe for some other reason?


Spain is a beautiful nation with tons of tourists dropping by every single year. Maybe you have fallen in love with the language and you would like to watch Spanish TV online, like for example RTVE. If that is you, you need to get yourself an IP address in Spain to bypass geo-blocks, and the solution to your problem is to use a VPN provider. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, some sort of a tunnel, which will connect the device you use to connect to the Internet to a server in Spain. Once you connect you will get yourself a Spanish IP address, and once you have such an IP you can watch and read all online content in Spain, which was earlier blocked to you.

I have used a VPN to watch TV in Spain quite sometimes online, and my favorite VPN provider with servers in Spain is HideMyAss (read my HideMyAss review here). It is very easy to sign up to their services, it is easy to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied, and it is very easy to use after signing up. All you need to do is to download their VPN client and connect to a server in Spain. You then have a Spanish IP address and you can reach whatever online content in Spain that you want. Bye, bye geographical limitations! What is great as you use HideMyAss is that you can also use the same subscription and client to get IP addresses in other nations, like for example the United States, and with an IP address in the USA you can watch Fox from abroad and have lots of fun!

Get your Spanish IP address

To grab hold of your Spanish IP address today, visit the HideMyAss website first. Sign up, download their VPN client, connect to a server in Spain, restart your web browser and have fun. To check your current IP address, visit this site.

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