Space X loses its Falcon Heavy core during maiden voyage | Engadget Today

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Musk noted that the lost core ran out of propellant and hit the water at nearly 300MPH.

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I have to say that I'm a bit shocked..... why a car ????
Imagine the aliens see this. What will they think of us ?
Is the car fully operational ??
It will probably get towed.

I also heard they usually use concrete blocks or steel to test rocket payloads and Musk said that was boring... I'd guess pr stunt combined with WAY too much money = Tesla on the end of a rocket.

That makes more sense

They will most likely be like DAMN where do I get one!

Normally you shot cement blocks in the air for tests like this.
The marketing was successfully when all say: "Why a car and why a tesla. "
You talking about it, thats why.

It was pretty much a PR-stunt by Elon Musk to promote Tesla. But a pretty good one!

Oh and it was an "old" Tesla Roadster, an outdated car.

Thank you very much. Our this right that we similar post apply and the poor sound become, thanks

I think the car should have melted or started to once exposed in space. Only the spacesuit was built to withstand those elements. It went thru lots of temperature changes.

Elon Musk is the man

Great stuff. I still can't believe @engadgetnews is on steemit. Huge for steemit.

Welcome to D.Tube @engadgetnews !

So is it safe to say the core was destroyed? That would be a bummer, but overall this has to be seen as a great success for Elon and SpaceX!

One of the most epic and badass moments in the history of mankind, period.

Hell hail yeah mfc!!

lol I love this shot from start to finish its like a freakin classic now

I dunno know whether to laugh or cgi.

Saw it all the way on the other side of Florida!

I thought the rockets landing looked like cgi. I wish I could get excited about this but it looked so fake.

Can't wait for his BFR, Big Fucking Rocket.

I think that was a more news-propaganda than what mentioned of its goal.

holly snok batman

Saw it all the way on the other side of Florida!

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Fly Tesla Fly! <3

Ok the two side jobs relanded almost too perfectly - and we didn't see the middle land in the ocean - ok. Proudly South African.

It was such a spectacular launch. But seeing 2 of the 3 boosters return to earth and land successfully was amazing. Too bad about the third booster though.

Was this crash inside controlled parameters?

bruh what, hit the water at 300MPH? dang

Great moment. Bring ut on mars

Truly so great news !!!

Yes it is today hot news !!!!
Weldon DTube........

I liked the part of replay in the end of the video, Ithink that tests should be well studied , thanks for providing good posts

Elon musk... Still won.... Simply beautiful

Really Great channel

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Man it's good to have you here on Steemit.

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I watched the stream and they claimed that the core's engines might knock out the cameras on the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship. Then there was a visual disturbance and a smoke filled long pause...
I wondered if they lost that engine or not, but then I remembered how amazing the 2 side boosters looked in their synchro landing and forgot all about it.

Tandem Landing & Core Crash on Drone Ship - 1m52s

Yup, looks to me like that thing smashed into the Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship going quite fast. Fast enough to strobe the camera at about 100 feet.

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  And release the video he will if the camera survived. On a side note, it is nice to see how well Dtube is working now a days. I remember the extreme long wait and buffering and over all clunkiness, but (sorry for name mangling) heimlidhal, has and continues to do an outstanding job trying to keep it usable and updating it.

I think this was due to improper launching
It may kill others if it fell in the mart or something

Great channel 👏

And yet was so easy to land on the moon 50 years ago. Hmmmm?

Wow i dont know what this is about im just here for an me out???

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