SpaceSwap - A Cosmic Flight

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SpaceSwap is the mysterious protocol that officials released on 10th September 2020 stop with the unexpected growth. It is observed that the first cosmic flight of SpaceSwap undoubtedly exceeded the Expectations of developers.

The Milk, which is the native token of spaceswap, has made its way so far and has astonishing results in just 24 hours. It has reached 13000 % of APY.

Investors and stakeholders (milkshake holders) have shown great interest in space. It is now essential for the team to continue its efforts to maintain the protocol stable and comfortable for its users.

Why SpaceSwap?

SpaceSwap is designed on the protocol of units uniswap. At first, it has changes the principal of Jind farming. While being designed on Unix protocol, SpaceSwap protocol is much more than uniswap. At the same time, investors can only earn by keeping their assets into the liquidity pool, whereas SpaceSwap provides the pool holders their profits from all of the DeFi products.

Secondly, having a unique multi-layered incentivization model, the SpaceSwap team has received lots of early requests, and the stakeholders will get some extra dividends.

At the very beginning, its single block is generating about 1000 MILK. The next block will automatically unlock the generation of other coins. After that, you will get your first 100,000 blocks, and your space cow will produce the 100 MILK coins for each block accordingly.

At the third stage, SpaceSwap is already generating a cross-platform token transition. You can easily switch your deposits to the platform's liquidity pools bearing low cost as possible from this token transition.

The main reason all the stakeholders or MILKSHAKE holders are so attached to this spaceship finance protocol is its transparency and security to their investors and traders.

Investors or traders will get more valuable profit from SpaceSwap DeFi protocol than Uniswap.

It is the whole new world in the decentralized finance marketplace with its new yield farming scheme. That will make holders get massive profits.

SpaceSwap defines protocol provides additional encouragement in the form of milk to open. SpaceSwap also provides the cross-platform token transitions. It gives a free platform to the traders: Are investors to move their liquidity tokens from one place to another and allow them to move their current deposits to pay SpaceSwap pools and the low transaction fee.

What Next In SpaceSwap?

Nowadays, SpaceSwap DeFi protocol is at its first development phase, and currently, its high professional developer's team is working hard to launch its SHAKE coin. It has been decided that 1 SHAKE will be equal to 1000 MILK, and it will be stable.

Although being on its first development stade, SpaceSwap has buildup its very known reputation, and the development of the SHAKE coin can become the cornerstone of this protocol.

With uninterrupted development, SpaceSwap will make their stakeholders feel safe and secure. It will launch a project with high motivation and a thriving trading environment for its stakeholders.


Following the financial industry standard multi-modular structure, SpaceSwap provides a secure and non-stop operation when highly secure trading along 100% data security. This platform also holds the responsibility of the safety and reliability of trading and assets on the priority.

Changes In Smart Control

The SpaceSwap team developers are continually working to improve the protocol and ensure investors' and traders' safety. Space milkman is the milkshake holders that will have the primary protocol. SpaceSwap smart contracts have changed into multilateral protections for milk Nation.

Space milkman having the primary protocol, can make changes to the protocol, and it will allow you to withdraw your funds before the changes occur within two days. If you lose the key and somebody is trying to make changes over your account in the security aspects, you will be immediately informed about hacking and unwanted changes. For this purpose, you will also have two days to decide whether to withdraw or save your fund in the pool.

Now the question is, what are the changes, and why do they need to change. Well, it is all about trust. Decentralized finance is a virtual Marketplace. The SpaceSwap team is providing a real revolution in the DeFi markets. Go and get yourself to be a part of it.

For more info and news updates please visit the official pages of SpaceSwap.


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