Space Energies.

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Space energies.

There's no denying it, they're real. They affect all kinds of wildlife, animals, humans, sub-humans, wandering monsters, Murphys, Hobgoblins, Troglodytes, to name a few.

Stealing a line from a song that I often play:
Raw power is sure to come runnin' to you.

Soon, maybe - I'll let the energies use me as a conduit. More explosive than a silver moon-shot? The psyker visions increase, as the care-factor decreases.

(In other words, how the fuck can I buy a ticket off-world? LV-426 seems like a happy play-ground in comparison to Earth)



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I even get trolled on my own fucking troll post. Yep, love it!
You perfectly exemplify the warped nature of space energies and further prove my point.

#HailSpaceEnergies they magnify the very beads of sweat that contain the compressed spirit. The heat evaporates the bead. The energies released; soaring like the Phoenix! Yield! Yield! Embrace!

The 1988 Economist magazine with the 2018 Phoenix on the cover?

these space energies have been making my kids go really CRAZY

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