Sitting in a Tin Can

in #spacelast year

The lock-down in Texas did not last too terribly long, but as long as it did last I certainly felt like I was 'sitting in a tin can'.

So, I dug out an old song by David Bowie that I bought a license for and made my cover song of it a while back. I posted it to YouTube and got copyright claims against it due to the fact that besides a "Mechanical License" that allows you to reproduce and sell CDs and digital downloads, you have to buy a much, much more expensive "Synchronization License".
Then, if I want to perform this song in public I would need to get a "Performance License". On and on there are more licenses for every single thing you do with a cover song.

Anyway, for now it is as it is on YouTube. If by chance I were to get very many views the recording label that claimed the copyright will get all the ad revenue money from YouTube.

As I have been working two day jobs, plus doing graphics over the last decades I have not had much time to promote my channels. So, I saved up some money and now have more time to promote my graphics & music. Instead of doing nothing, looking for distractions during the 'Stay at Home' orders I kept myself busy and got inspired. Hopefully I can utilize my Steemit account to post more creativity.

One thing is for sure I'm finding a lot of creative people here and I like that a lot.