How to blow up your sports car and still end out ahead.

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The joke that was a joke until it wasn't. Now it is actually a really smart move.

We all know Elon Musk plans to get at least some of us to Mars, but in order to do this we need some really big reusable rockets to get all the "stuff" we will need there.

However the thing about rockets is, although everything looks good on paper, you never quite know how it will turn out until you launch a couple.

And with these new rockets you need something heavy to launch. Zuckerberg is probably still a little sour about his facebook satellites for Africa that were in an explosive launch, in all the wrong ways, so I suspect he wasn't keen to be borrowing any more to SpaceX for these tests.

Enter Elon Musk's cherry red Roadster.

image source

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is basically three Falcon 9 rockets connected side by side.

image source

The Falcon 9's have been doing really well lately (except perhaps for old Zuckeberg's) but strapping them side by side may have some unforeseen out comes. One really has to launch one of these new configurations and gather launch and flight data before one can know for certain just how to configure them optimaly.

Long story short, there is a very real likelyhood that the first couple of launches will end explosively.

It's for this reason that you don't really want to be sending anything up on the test launches that may be missed.

Early in December Elon joked about sending his roadster into mars orbit, it got some headlines then but he said it was a joke later. It now looks like its on again.

But view it from this perspective.

It's turning out to be a really good marketing move. Whether it ends explosively or not, Tesla will be in the headlines either way, so although the car may be pricey, it will generate great marketing and headlines for all the other ventures.


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That's amazing news, if that car will reach mars and then brought back then i think price of that car will be announced as Breaking News. Thanks for the informative post.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Sadly it will take a billion years to get back to earth in the orbit they are putting it on. So it wont be back any time soon, could you imagine the price of it as a collectors item? Only car that's been to space.

You are absolutely right, but i was just imagining about that. ☺👍

I agree with you

It is inevitable, with so many countries now phasing in bans and restrictions on petrol and diesel, that electric is the future of car travel. Soon, and I welcome it wholly, car sharing will be the norm too; far too many cars are used far too little, and do nothing but clog up streets and car parks when not in use.

Elon is killing in the innovation.
Can't wait to see the Roadster 2 on road.
Even his idea of using rocket to transport people with our planet is something else.

Different yet exciting new ideas coming continuously.... Thanks for sharing... Voted...

Hahaha.....i would have to try mine.

I am from Israel, and Ellen's company blowed an Amos satellite of the Israel space industry- a satellite that was very important for Facebook for their internet project. The thing is - space was chosen AGAIN for the next launching! it is really like you say - they earn in every scenario!

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I love the Tesla car. The rockets not so much

Look, I'd just be happy with a model 3.. 2019 till they'll ship to Australia :(

Great post bro ^^

Tesla the Hero! upvote...

Elon musk ain't joking, sending cars to space 'n shieet

Wow very nice.. amezing car...

nice information, I really enjoyed reading this. Keep it up

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