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RE: I'll See You On The Far Side Of The Moon

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Is it Sun-Earth L2 or Earth-Moon L2?

Each couple of bodies has its own L2 point. When i first read about chinese mission I thought they where using Earth-Moon L2, which is suspended just above the far side. A satellite can draw an "halo orbit" around it. But your picture shows Sun-Earth L2, which sunds more suitable for communicationes (since the moon is not in between) but also more difficult to achieve (since it is much further).


You are right! My mistake...I will fix this, thanks for correcting me. Looks like I need to do some research and educate myself better on the subject. Sorry for taking so long to get back, I was under the weather for a while there and wasn't keeping up with my Steemit comments.

Thanks for the clarification!

Lagrange points are fascinating, I am thinking on writing a post on them (but I would have to study a bit first). They have very interesting uses in terraformation projects. For example, a giant umbrella located at Sun-Venus L1 could help to cool down the planet to make it habitable. Another example: a huge superconducting magnet at Sun-Mars L1 could be used to scatter the solar wind particles reducing the intensity of radiation at the surface, while a lens at L1 or a mirror at L2 could be used to increase the amount of light that reaches the planet, and then its temperature.

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