Why Space Exploration Is Not A Waste of Money

in #space2 years ago

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might already know just how much I love this topic of space exploration. In fact, I aim to go to space at least once in my lifetime, if the technology advances enough and it becomes an option.

Anyways, this particular post might sound like a rant as I am quite biased towards space exploration and it boggles my mind how someone can possibly think that it's a waste of time and money!

So, let me get straight to the reasons why space exploration is one of the most important endeavors of humanity and why we should not stop just because a few people can't comprehend the significance of it.

1. The Pursuit of Knowledge

Let me start off with the most basic one. We, humans, are naturally curious beings. If not for this trait of ours, we would probably still be dwelling in caves. It's the pursuit of knowledge that has brought us this far and it is this pursuit that will take us to new heights.

2. Ensuring Survival

Even though we don't often think about it, all the life on the planet can be wiped off if a mass-extinction level event happens. We might not even get an early warning to be able to defend ourselves. There are many threats in space and we shouldn't forget that we are a threat to ourselves as well! Having a backup planet would ensure the survival of the human race.

3. Tech Innovations

Many technologies that we use in our day to day life are the direct or indirect results of space exploration. Since it requires nothing less than cutting edge tech, scientists and engineers spend a lot of time developing the best technologies that usually trickle down and take several forms that directly benefit us in our lives. From satellites to MRI machines, we use many technologies that were developed as a result of space exploration.

In fact, these innovations can help solve the very problems that skeptics want solved instead of exploring space.

4. Huge Returns

Most argue that space exploration costs too much. That's simply not true. Most countries' budget for space exploration is a minuscule amount. In the US, it is estimated that it costs 1/2 cents per tax dollar. More importantly, though, that cost provides a 7 to 1 return! Also, most people forget that the money spent on space exploration is given to real human beings who bring that money to the economy. This money is NOT given away to aliens who spend it away on some other planets!

5. There are enough of us

People who think space exploration is a waste usually argue that we should focus on solving the problems here on Earth first. Well, that is one of the most painful examples of limited thinking that I have ever seen. There are 7.5 billion of us. There are enough of us to explore space as well as solve problems here on Earth.

According to their logic, we should stop doing everything else to focus on only the problems. Should we stop making movies? Should we stop making smartphones? Should we stop fashion? All of that manpower and money can be used to solve problems of the planet no? See the fault in the logic?


I'm with you on the importance of space exploration! I think the most important effect is your number 3, tech innovation and the way it trickles down. Especially if we colonize the Moon or Mars, we will be forced to invent new technologies and improve our existing methods of things like water reclamation and food production. A game I play called, Surviving Mars, says, for example, "GMO crops gain much popularity when the only other option is red dirt".

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