Scientists Can't Explain Four Ring-Shaped Objects In Deep Space

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Just when you think the universe couldn't possibly have anything new to puzzle us human beings, it reveals something totally new and baffles even the brightest minds of our species.

From black holes to supernovas to neutron stars the universe is filled with truly spectacular astronomical objects. And it seems like we might have another addition to the list.

Recently, astronmers discovered four mysterious ring-shaped objects in deep space that do not fit into the description of any astronomical object that we know of. Suffice it to say, this is pretty exciting.

If they indeed turn out to be a totally new class of objects in space, it could further enhance our understanding of the cosmos and how things evolve over time.

Odd Radio Circles

The four ring-shaped objects have been named "Odd Radio Circles" or ORCs. Scientists say that they look like brighlty glowing discs. However, they look this way only when viewed at radio wevelengths.

This is perhaps the most puzzling part. The objects are not detectable at infrared, x-ray and even the visible light spectrums. Only when we look at them through radio frequencies, do they become "visible".

That's why they have been given their names. Scientists also say that they have ruled out supernovae, planetary nebulas, gravitational lensing effects, star formation and other known objects and phenomena.

Their best guess right now is that these could be cosmic shockwaves that may have been caused by some galactice event. But nothing is certain at the moment.

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