Hidden Pyramids? - Mars Mountains Match Pyramids on Earth

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I woke up this morning after having an interesting dream. The pyramids and ancient structures on Earth are directly correlated to formations on Mars, this is what my dream was about. Whether I am the last in a long list of people to see this connection or I am the first to take it to a new level, I want to share this new level with all of you.

Look at this picture of Mars's topography. Tell me that it doesn't remind you of anything? If it does then keep reading because I woke up with this dream about something hidden that is way bigger than the great pyramid and would be absolutely surprised if I am the first to find this. If anyone else has discovered this before point me in their direction.

Image 1: Olympus Mons - the largest mountain on Mars and in our Solar System is met with it's brethren to the bottom right.

What I am looking at is a simple pattern of location with the mountains and artificial landmarks on Earth. Some are missing on earth when correlating to their Mars counterparts, which makes this really interesting in regards to the possibilities. Everything I am saying in this post is all of my own interpretation and I don't claim to have any evidence other than what you see here.

Looking closely at the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau in Egypt you will see the connection that I see. The locations of the three large pyramids and the Sphinx are in the same pattern and spacing as the three minor mountains on Mars (Tharsis Montes) and the Biblis Patera.

Image 2: Giza Plateau and the Tharsis Montes compared location orientations with labels.

This location pattern was not what I dreamed about, it was actually the two next correlations. The largest mountain (mons) on Mars is Olympus, aptly named for the home of the Ancient Greek Gods. To give you an idea about the size of Olympus you can just compare it to Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain on Earth.

Image 3: Olympus Mons compared to Mount Everest

You're looking at over 2.5 times the size of Everest, and that's not a small feat of tectonics. Standing next to Mount Everest leaves you with little chance of actually seeing the top and yet Olympus Mons dwarfs Everest without breaking a sweat. So now the question that I woke up with this morning is: where the hell is the Olympus Mons of the Pyramids?
It would be a multi-generational feat for the Ancient Egyptians to build that size of a pyramid if comparing to the other pyramids in Giza. The stress and weight on the base of the stone blocks would likely shatter them, leaving the Olympus Pyramid in ruins (pun intended).

My current thoughts are that the Ancient Egyptians:
1 - over estimated the size vs. weight factor on stone blocks and decided not to build it.
2 - didn't have enough stone to make the Olympus Pyramid
3 - died out before it could have been started
4 - their civilization decided to abandon the project for religious/cultural reasons
5 - did build an Olympus Pyramid, but because of the weight factor they instead dug it into the ground as a reversed pyramid.

Out of all of those factors that I currently came up with the most plausible is that it was a mix of weight and a lack of stone to build such a large pyramid. Their civilization was strong enough and their beliefs were entrenched enough that not building the pyramid on those accounts is unlikely. My favourite of those options is #5 where we may find something bigger than the Khufu Pyramid under the city of Cairo - which is adjacent to the Pyramids of Giza. So I took the map Tharsis Montes and overlayed it onto a map of the Giza Plateau. Aligning the three pyramids and Sphinx to the Tharsis Montes with some image skew to account for the angle of the Mars topographic map has them aligning almost perfectly.

Image 4: Overlay of Tharsis Montes to the Giza Plateau

Drawing some transparent circles around all the Tharsis Montes in the overlay image.

Image 5: Overlay of Tharsis Montes to the Giza Plateau with circles for location markers

Last thing was to remove the Tharsis Montes image. You will see exactly where there may be a hidden structure underground.

Image 5: Giza Plateau with Tharsis Montes location markers.

The Ancient Egyptians would have had to dig very deep to create such a large structure. Whether it is an actual reverse pyramid is the first question. If you are to compare the sizes of the Tharsis Mons range to the Giza Pyramid ranges then you will find that the possible hidden pyramid under Cairo is not much larger than the Khufu Pyramid. Arsai Mons is roughly 20km tall, making it only 2km shorter than Olympus Mons - the largest mountain. If the Khufu Pyramid is the largest pyramid we know of and it is 147 meters tall, then simple ratio would put the hidden pyramid under Cairo at 1.125x the size of Khufu - roughly 165 meters tall. This eliminates the first issue of pyramid weight and stone supply when building it. If someone wants to work out the weighted load difference between the Khufu pyramid and the hypothetical Hidden Pyramid then we can put those two issues to rest. Leaving a few options for what happened to the Hidden Pyramid: culture/religion changed and they decided not to build, the culture died out before they could start building, or it was built but was built deeper underground/upside down.

The reason for building the pyramid upside down is beyond me considering that I am not an Egyptology and have only basic understanding of their culture. If someone can find a viable explanation for building a pyramid upside down (dug into the ground) then please let me know.

Will we find the Hidden Pyramid? I am not sure and can see how much of an issue this would be. The Egyptian Government is notorious for keeping people away from their possible archaeological finds. Only letting their Archaeologists dig and uncover things with regards to Ancient Egypt. They have many reasons for doing so and have fought for many years to get stolen artifacts returned to Egypt. The British were the best at stealing artifacts from other cultures and owning countries, but sometimes there is a good reason for keeping artifacts from other countries. Another large issue is that the Hidden Pyramid is most likely under the city of Cairo. This means we will have to dig and displace people who have lived their for most of their lives. The government of Egypt and Cairo would not be happy turning a part of their city into a dig site. The social implications are large for this yet I personally see those implications as minuscule compared to the historical precedence of finding the Hidden Pyramid. What if we discovered that the Ancient Egyptians knew about Mars Topography? How would they know this without having advanced telescopes and possibly the ability to send satellites like us? This is where it gets interesting...

Here's were the second part of my dream comes in.

Image 6: Full Topography of Mars
Mars Full Map Topography2.jpg

Image 7: Closeup view of Elysium Volcano Range

I started searching through all the pyramids and ancient structures online and found something really interesting. A similar scenario to the Hidden Pyramid in Giza, where we have another exact location orientation match with ancient Pyramids. The city of Teotihuacan was built by the Aztecs and is still being excavated by archaeologists. I found that the city matches the Elysium Volcanic Field but with a slight skew. Why it isn't an exact match would likely be given to the idea that the Aztecs would not have any idea or ability to see the Elysium Field on Mars, but at this point I'm just entertaining the thought. There may be another ancient structure that matches Elysium that I have not found. If you are able to find a match then please contact me and I will update this post.

Image 8: Satellite view of the Pyramid of the Sun

You can see the largest of the Pyramids is the Pyramid of the sun with the Pyramid of the Moon at the bottom. The ground is cleared and flattened towards to top of the complex where the newly discovered Feathered Serpent Pyramid is. The Feathered Serpent was discovered in 2003 after heavy rainfall left some parts of the Pyramid showing from the ground. The name of the city has also been under scrutiny recently due to the discovery that the Spanish colonizers that discovered it may have incorrectly named it. They called it the City of the Gods, when the newly discovered translation is the City of the Sun.

Lining up an overlay of Elysium onto the Pyramid of the Sun complex leaves my imagination spinning again.

Image 9: Overlay of Elysium Volcanic Field over satellite image of the Pyramid of the Sun

Accounting for the angle of satellite images of the Elysium Field and the City of Teotihuacan you can clearly see that it lines up almost perfectly. The other part of my dream was lining up the two great sites between mars and Earth will lead you to something new and undiscovered. What I am currently trying to do is find some maps of Mars that show these two mountain ranges and then align them with a map of Earth. If I can do this there should be other key sites on Earth that will line up with sites on Mars. My best guess right now is that the sites on Earth will be man made since the current evidence of pattern alignment is with ancient man made sites.

Tell me what you think?
Any ideas of your own on this?
New data that I should know about?

Upvote this post if you like what I am doing. It's all because of a dream, which is very interesting to say the least.

Thanks for reading.

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