Space tourism - Virgin Galactic is only ‘weeks’ away from conducting it's first test flights

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Virgin VSS Unity show above!

Virgin Galactic will soon test supersonic flight's of it's VSS Unity. The VSS Unity is a rocket-powered piloted Spaceship that will carry commercial passengers along with scientific payloads to space.

Wondering much it will cost?

Roughly 700 people have already paid $250,000 so they can have a seat on the spacecraft. Virgin Galactic has said that the huge demand for allocations on the spacecraft means that anybody purchasing a ticket today will most-probably need to wait until at-least 2021 before they'll get to experience this incredible ride!


SpaceX also announced plans to send a paying passenger — along with eight others, on a trip around the moon in 2023.

Another competitor Blue Origin, a company from non other then Amazon, is also entering the market and is already fairly developed to Virgin Galactic's offering and ability to provide actual commercial flights.

Above - Bezos's Blue Origin launch and land of New Shepard Rocket and Capsule

The race to commercial flights in space is heating up, and I believe we will even see "space hotels" in the near future as well!


I hope 1 bitcoin is enough to buy you a space ride in the future. As an aerospace guy it would be a dream.

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