Mysterious planet Hd189733b

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Hd189733b is interesting in so many ways, where do I begin. It’s mass is 13% of Jupiter but it’s 30 times closer, to its star than earth to the sun. This makes it a hot Jupiter that orbits it's star every 2.2 days. We know quite a bit about this planet including, its blue colour and that it has water vapours, oxygen and methane. This itself raises the question of how on a planet with a temperature as high of 980c, why the water and methane haven't reacted to create a carbon dioxide atmosphere.

What makes this planet even stranger, is how it's covered in rainstorm. Not rainstorm of water but glass. Yes glass that rain sideways at five times the speed of sound, that's 4350 mph or 7000 km/h. It goes without saying this is extremely fascinating but deadly weather.

I've decided every Monday to do a strange and mysterious planet post. I feel like my blog needs a bit more structure so I'll start with Mysterious Monday's.


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