You guys have to see how this Ultima Thule Snowman showed up in my Facebook feed!!! LOL! and some simulation reality livestream talk...

in space •  20 days ago

Check this out!!! Ultima Thule has been revealed! And it's a snowman!!! and look at how it showed up in my Facebook feed with an ad about snowmen on vacation below it!!! hahaha

someone explain this! :P Why would an ad about snowmen on vacation appear right under an article about asteroids that formed a snowman.... :P /simulationtheory

Read my original post about Ultima Thule here:

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Watch this too:

One of my followers pointed this guy out on youtube.... I'm actually not disagreeing with what he is saying here.... still absorbing it... But it's basically what I'm saying.... but more sinister... thanks to humans... which makes sense...


I might have to do a live stream commentary on this guy